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Jul 1, 2013 02:04 PM

Does anyone know of a good cooking school or teacher for kids?

I want to buy a class for my nephew, and want to find something that will get him interested in cooking. Any recommendations?

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  1. My daughter has loved all of the classes she has taken with Sprouts.

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      What an awesome organization! What classes did she take?

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        She's done quite a few including camp last summer, pasta at Flour & Water, baking at Tartine, etc. In the most recent series, she did the pizza/pasta class and the Maverick one.
        If you search for Sprouts on my blog (, you can read her write-ups of some of them.

    2. If you could get access the junior masterchef australia that would definitely get him interested and he'd be eager to take whatever classes you find here I bet ;)

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        1. My 10 year old son has gone to Cooking Round the World camps during the Summer and other school vacations for the past few years. It started out with one or two locations run by the Director, Mindy Myers and has grown, but still has a personal touch.

          The kids spend some time learning about the country or place from which they are going to cook the native food and then (eeeeks) it's all hands on - knives, boiling water, you name it. The camp counselors do teach about safety and the kids all pitch in to clean up, too, so they learn good cooking manners and hygiene. At the end of the camp, the kids come home with an apron and a binder of recipes. We still make some of the recipes that Jr. brought home. The rich, creamy scalloped potatoes are most-requested at family holidays.

          Their website:

          One last note, these camps are not overly expensive and a good value for the money. Jr. is not attending this Summer, but will likely go for Christmas and Spring break camps.

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            This is a great recommendation! Thanks so much!!

          2. I second absc's recommendation of Sprouts Cooking Club. My nieces and nephews have taken the classes there and they've enjoyed it each time. I think it's an extra plus that they get to work with real chefs. They have a SF series and East Bay series.