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Jul 1, 2013 01:38 PM

Looking For Good Mussels in Charleston

I live in Charleston, but am pretty much a creature of habit (going to the same restaurants all the time)

I have friends coming to visit and they really want to get some mussels.... any recommendations? I've heard that Pearlz (, SNOB (http://www.mavericksouthernkitchens.c...), and Crave ( are really good...

Are these good? Do any of you have other suggestions?

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  1. Crave...had them a couple days ago. Very rich dish...ask for extra bread!!!

    Really liked the mussels at Garibaldi's before they closed. To be honest...the next best we've found are at Carrabbas.

    Crave is tops from what we've seen.

    1. i really like the mussels at Rue de Jean. We go for lunch and it's always a favorite.

      1. Second vote for Rue de Jean, particularly the veg cream version

        1. Third vote for Rue de Jean. Also Fat Hen on Johns Island.