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Jul 1, 2013 01:14 PM

Any opinions on Husk-Nashville?

Big fans of chef Brock's Charleston SC location and were wondering if his new venue in Nashville is up to the same standards. Will be spending one night in the city and were wondering if it should be our destination.

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  1. I've not been to the Charleston location. Brock was a chef here in Nashville so this is a comeback, of sorts. It is getting raves but I also think they're still getting their feet under them. I went for brunch and liked some things quite a lot but thought the service was odd. May have been just that one waiter.

    Be aware that they are booked up for several months for dinner. You can typically get a reservation for lunch with less than a week's notice, though. And, I believe they take walk-ins at the bar for both lunch and dinner, but of course there could be a wait at night.

    There are tons of other great places to eat in town: I'd recommend City House above all. After that, etch, Capitol Grille (where Brock was before he left for Charleston ... Brock did molecular stuff at CG, though, and now they're doing the southern thing), Rolf & Daughters, Lockeland Table, flyte.