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Aug 31, 2003 05:13 AM

Zoot restaurant in Austin

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I had a very bad experience at Zoot. Anyone else?

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  1. I had an enjoyable dinner at Zoot a couple of weeks ago. Our waiter was excellent, and the food was pretty. They generally slop a fairly decent feed trough there. For instance, there's always some sort of trendy beet salad which exceeds the sum of its parts; the one I had recently involved rhubarb, with unexpectedly excellent results.

    What was your beef?

    1. I ate there a couple weeks ago. It was neither good nor bad. Definitely not memorable, though. The waiter was a bit annoying, as was the host. The duck I ordere was tasty, but a bit on the saltyside. I'd pick Wink over it any day. Judging from the menu and atmosphere, it seems like a restaurant struggling for a personality (if that makes sense).

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        The host is the restaurant's biggest problem. I have never met a ruder person.

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        Rob Hargrove

        I've been twice now since the change in ownership, and I've thoroughly enjoyed both times. Most recently (Sat) I had a duck confit appetizer over grits and a piece of flank steak. Both were cooked to perfection.

        The service both times has been really outstanding, and the wine list has some off the beaten path selections, and for me these factors make a big difference when deciding which "fancy" Austin restraurnt to visit for a splurge meal.

        1. The maitre D is very rude. We made a reservation, but were forced to wait 30 minutes. His attitude is uniquely arrogant. The waiting area was like a bus station.

          1. I know this was an old post - but we finally tried Zoot Friday night and it was sadly disappointing. The place is charming, our table the best seat in the house (front window to ourselves) but the food was simply "mediocre" and the price was not in line with the quality or serving size. I had a simple salad and soup. $9 each, should have been *very* good for that price. I could have surpassed both easily at home - and mine would have been organic. My spouse had the flounder which looked like the best thing on the table but it was so small it would have been easily missed. Must have been like 3oz of fish max. Our friends had the New York Strip (don't even think it was a full steak, again it was likely 4-5 oz and "chewy") and the Chicken - which they said was quite good - and a generous serving - the biggest thing served.

            The waitstaff was strange - not very personal and almost as if they felt the food being served was indeed somewhat of a joke.

            And the prices on the web site menu were considerably less than what was on the real menu. The above mentioned steak was $38 - and it was served with a braised cabbage of some sort.

            None of the four of us will go back or recommend this place. It's a shame - I had high hopes for it.