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Jul 1, 2013 12:19 PM

Food Net Work Star Commercials

Been watching the video episodes at the Food Net Work. Sure, go ahead with the Buitoni and Buick commercials. I understand it probably pays so we can watch for free. But does anyone else scream back at the screen with PLEASE when the woman asks the man "could you pass the salt." And WOULD you please pass the salt.

In the Buitoni date night commercial, the couple is sitting two feet away from each other and yet text how they "heart" eating in. Do adults not talk to each other anymore? I thought texting was a teen thing or maybe young adult, but date night between sweeties?

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  1. Yes they are terrible commercials.

    If you watch the show on your website you have to watch them twice -- back-to-back -- several times throughout the episode.

    1. The repeated commercials drive me crazy! Not only is it the same commercial thoughout the entire playback,(and doesn't seem to change if you watch more than one episode) but the commercial is repeated twice back to back in each break! In order to stay sane, I have to use my mute button! If I were the Buick people, I would not be pleased with the effect I'm getting for my advertising dollar.