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Jul 1, 2013 09:51 AM

Help with Kid friendly restaurants

We will be staying downtown the middle of July and would like some suggestions on good but kid friendly Restaurants for lunch and dinner

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  1. Where "downtown"? The areas comprising "downtown Chicago" stretch for several miles.

    And what age and how well-behaved are the kids?

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      We are staying on Michagan ave at the Marriott close to American Girl. We have a 4/8/11 year old and they are fairly well behaved and will eat just about everything but aren't huge eaters so we will either need kids meals or things they can't split.

      1. re: Stacynm

        One of the best places with kids is Grand Lux Café, and it's only a couple of blocks north of the Marriott.

        The original locations of Uno and Due are a couple of blocks away, for our local specialty, deep-dish pizza.

        It sounds like our "small plates" restaurants might also be a good option - smaller portion sizes that can be mixed and matched for adults, and could satisfy the kids as well. Sable and Quartino are both about two blocks from the hotel, and reservations are easy to obtain. The Purple Pig is right around the corner from the hotel, but they don't take reservations and the waits to be seated are horrendous (as much as two hours) except during the afternoon between lunch and dinner. OTOH being so close by, it might be an option leave your name, and then come back in whatever time they specify.

        If the kids eat seafood, Shaw's Crab House is a block away. In addition to their conventional menus for lunch/dinner, they have a terrific Sunday brunch (AYCE buffet). It's not cheap ($55/person) but it includes king crab legs and shrimp and other high-end specialties (caramelized thick-cut bacon, beef tenderloin at the carving station, crème brulee), and kids under 12 are FREE. Another good place for seafood is GT Fish & Oyster, which does a small plates format and is about six blocks west of the hotel.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          All good suggestions. We've done Quartino many, many times with small children. Sable, GT Fish and Purple Pig are a little more adventurous food-wise but should also work. They're smaller than Quartino so walking in (without a reservation) might not be a good idea.