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Jul 1, 2013 09:45 AM

July 2013 Openings and Closings

Just checked a little while ago--Thailand Cafe in Cambridge just disconnected their phones, so it looks like farewell to them.

Any other openings or closings that might be happening this month?

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  1. It's not clear exactly when, but the Herald reports that two new Pinkberry stores will be opening this year - The North End store will be located at 285 Hanover Street and Davis Square's new location will be located at 263 Elm Street, Somerville.

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    1. re: Stride

      That will be the 3rd tart yogurt place in Davis square. Can there possibly be that much demand?

      1. re: Melmybelle

        This topic comes up a lot here. I subscribe to the theory that many of the new fro-yo chains are like for-profit colleges, which are all about enrolling students and collecting tuition from them with the help of government loans, not seeing them through to graduation. I think a lot of fro-yo franchises are preying on gullible franchisees, overselling the market opportunity, and don't particularly care if these small businesspeople succeed as long as they collect their startup fees.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          You say preying on gullible franchisees, I say efficiently allocating capital, maximizing utility, and fulfilling the American dream!

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            Heck, that already happened once in the fro-yo industry -- in the late '80s/early '90s. TCBY had almost 3,000 locations; now they have 300. Amazingly, they're trying to sell it to franchisees again.

            I read an article about the Davis Square situation recently and the owners of iYo basically said they'd ride this trend as far as it takes them, but that they were prepared to change focus. Hopefully that bodes well for the independent operators.

          2. re: Melmybelle

            I had the same thought. And they are all near each other on Elm Street. Still, I'm glad to know there will be a Pinkberry among the mix!

            1. re: Melmybelle

              Maybe not, but it's funny that this conversation came up, because I was just walking down Elm St. yesterday and thinking that I kind of wanted some frozen yogurt, but wasn't sure about the options available (I've never had orange leaf or whatever or the other one). If there was a pinkberry or berryline or sixteen handles, I probably would've gotten some... Not sure that this is typical, though.

              1. re: maillard

                Orange Leaf and iYO have very similar yogurt -- a dozen or so flavors, most of which are super-sweet and taste like soft-serve ice cream. iYO (the local indie store) also has make-your-own waffles and a coffee bar. As I understand it, Pinkberry's more of the tart style of fro-yo.

                1. re: Boston_Otter

                  Thanks very much! I don't like the sweet type at all, so I'm glad I didn't try it.

                  I wish someone would make full-fat tart yogurt. That is delicious. I do sometimes make it at home, but I'd love to be able to get it out as well.

                  1. re: maillard

                    I'm so with you on that. I would love a little fat in the yogurt...that's something I would go out of my way for.

                  2. re: Boston_Otter

                    JP Lick's yogurt X is tarter than the others in my opinion. Another thing about iYo and Orange Leaf is you have to be careful to avoid artificial sweeteners. I've been burned by this- a whole bowl of yogurt that turns out to have that nasty sucralose flavor and was not listed as such.

                    1. re: Parsnipity

                      Oh yikes. That's good to know. Certain artificial sweeteners make me violently ill, so I'll just skip iYo and Orange Leaf. I've never tried JP Lick's for some reason. I'll check it out.

                      1. re: maillard

                        Or you could ask. iYo has been very good about catering to folks and helping out.

            2. Should we put July vacations here or should that be a separate topic.

              And can anyone confirm Galleria Umberto's normal month of July closure?


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              1. re: BostonZest

                Umberto's closed dates this year are today (well, yesterday, since they're closed Sundays) through July 29.

                1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                  I wish I knew about it before going in and being disappointed when I saw the sign :((( Does anyone know where to get a take out arancini that is any good in the area??

                2. re: BostonZest

                  Penny, maybe a new thread should be started, just so we don't panic anyone when they see Galleria Umberto under closings and openings. :-)

                3. Erbaluce is on its annual summer hiatus through July 9.


                  1. I haven't been in years but it was announced to that
                    North Ends Boschetto bakery is closing after 110 years.

                    1. Whole Foods opens its Melrose location in the old Foodmaster on July 24th.

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                      1. re: Karl S

                        any eta on the arlington location?

                        1. re: hotoynoodle

                          Haven't a clue. The announcement re Melrose was in the past week, because the project took less time than they originally thought (the Melrose Foodmaster was built within the past 20 years or so).

                          1. re: Karl S

                            seems bizarre that it would take so long to make a market into a market.

                            1. re: hotoynoodle

                              It's like fixing a house sometimes it just isn't worth saving things if the bones are bad or don't fit your design. Hopefully they are updating to the latest energy saving equipment. I'm sure it would be easier to turn a whole foods in to a stop and shop.

                              1. re: lc02139

                                Charlestown location opens August 7. Beacon St. in Somerville in September.