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Jul 1, 2013 09:35 AM

Romantic dinner for an eloping couple!!

I have been researching ( reviews, you guys, books) my butt off to find a perfect romantic dinner spot in NOLA. We are there for 5 days and I have an idea of hat spots we want to hit, but now the dilemma is romance.We want a romantic/unforgettable dinner for our wedding celebration night ( just the 2 of us) at the end of July.

Here are some recommendations that were made:

Root ( not so romantic but dishes look amazing)


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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Thank you, I will check it out, it had not come up yet. Anyone have any comments about Bacchanal?

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        The menu is impressive at Stella:) We are staying on Rampart near St-Bernard,so it would not be that far, but really that is of no real concern...Atmosphere and food here are paramount.

      2. I think August would be the perfect fit, atmosphere, service and food. There are many other places with two of the three but they are a bit short on romantic atmosphere.

        A place with atmosphere and good service, and good, but not exceptional food, is Feelings.

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        1. re: collardman

          Thank you! I think mu hubby to be is looking for exceptional food...We had looked at Emilie but he was not impressed with the menu so...

        2. How about dinner at Commander's Palace, followed by drinks on the front porch of the Columns Hotel?

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          1. re: Gizmo56

            It could be a good idea, we will be all dolled up anyways :)

            1. re: sabiem

              I think the Garden District veritably screams romance, and I am sure if you let Commander's Palace know the special nature of the occasion, and your desire for the ultimate romantic dinner experience, they would take very good care of you.

              1. re: Gizmo56

                Indeed! We've never been there for dinner, only lunch when it sparkles, but either way it can be a very special experience. Hobnob with the bartender over cocktails before you dine to really stretch out the experience.

            2. re: Gizmo56

              I second the Garden District/Uptown for romance. If not Commander's, then maybe start with a drink at the Columns and take the streetcar up to Audubon Park. Walk through the park and down Magazine for dinner in the courtyard at Martinique Bistro.

              1. re: sw79

                That's a pretty long walk for summer in New Orleans when you are dressed up.

            3. OK. Some good recs., and many would have made my short-list, especially Stella! and August.

              One that has NOT yet been mentioned, that I feel should be in consideration is the New Orleans Grille at the Windsor Court Hotel, just up-River from the FQ.

              I did not catch where you are staying, so that might figure into the mix, but as the Windsor Court is in the CBD, as is August, it should not be too far.

              Let the staff know of the occasion, sit back and enjoy. Great, innovative food, and wonderful service, in an elegant setting.

              OTOH, if you go with Stella! (have not done the new menu), or August, you will not be disappointed.

              Most of all, ENJOY!


              1. August-
                not too touristy very charming food is awesome service is amazing they may be able to sit you upstairs