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Aug 28, 2003 04:24 AM

Austin restaurant recommendations for ACL fest goer!!!

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I'm a chowhound from New Orleans and I'd like your help in recommending a few restaurants; this is my first visit to Austin--I'm coming for the Austin City Limits Music festival which takes place Sept. 19-21.

I'll be meeting a friend from Boston who has never been to the South before so he's in for CULTURE SHOCK!! I'd really like to take him to some great restaurants--Mexican and margaritas, breakfast suggestions, BBQ, anything really!!

Also, we have motel reservations at the LaQuinta near the State Capitol (300 E. 11th St.). It's not too far from the shuttle to the festival. Any feedback about the motel?

We're really looking forward to a long weekend of great music, good times and great food! I'd appreciate any suggestions from you Texas Chowhounds!


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  1. Firstly, I'm pretty sure you'll be okay with the shuttle. They usually add a couple of special routes directly to the venue during events like these. Actually, they've just started a free shuttle service downtown until 3 in the morning which you should really take advantage of if you're planning on "clubbing" at all.

    If you do make it into the Warehouse district, I suggest stopping at Gingerman for a beer. Outstanding selection of drafts and a great place to unwind.

    As to what to eat in that area (you are limiting yourself to that area; right?) I suggest taking the very short cab ride up South Lamar Taco X-Press. Very "old Austin" and the tacos are amazing. The Chichimuri sauce is omg amazing, but very hot. Be careful. I would recommend the tacos al carbon, but they sometimes are VERY greasy (but when they're good, they're really good).

    Another really fun, funky place is right up South First to Polvo's. You MUST have either the fajitas (my favorite ever) or special enchiladas de la casa. Prices are quiet reasonable and they have a salsa bar with all sorts of intersting, homemade salsas.

    For bbq, i'm afraid i can only recommend Muellers with hesitation. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. (Iron Works isn't good at all - it's a tourist trap, Stubbs has gone way downhill, but the atmosphere is fun).

    For a pretty good Tex-Mex in a really fun atmosphere (and some pretty decent margaritas), I'd really recommend Chuy's on Barton Springs. If you go at peak times, there's usually an hour wait, but you can't go wrong with the steak burrito (which i recommend to all first-timers) and my favorite, the chuychanga with tomatillo sauce. This place is good, campy fun.

    If you can afford it (really - entrees start around $25-$30), the Driskall (I know I spelled that wrong, but...) Hotel down on Sixth for dinner has received some amazing reviews and national awards. I think the head chef received some sort of best new chef award or something (forgive my ignorance in this). It is simply one of the best meals you can have in town.

    If you happen to be here for lunch on a weekday, the most amazing meal can be had at the best deal in town. Please do yourself a favor and go to Castle Hill. It's on Sixth Street, but on the other side of Lamar where Sixth is now called Pecan Street (a cab ride, but worth it). OMG!!! You'll thank me for this one...


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      second the rec for Polvo's! Order something that you haven't heard of before, rather than enchiladas. The camarones a la plancha are wonderful - they grill guaillo peppers with them for s smoky/sweet, spice.

      Amy, I'm leaving for SF tomorrow AM. I'll be eating in Chinatown tomorrow PM!!!!

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        I AM SO JEALOUS. Call me when you get back and we'll meet for lunch. you can tell me all about it.

        p.s. - falmingochick2 - that's a second on the Manuel'l happy hour. really yummy mole chicken appetizer.

    2. the hotel that you are in is fine and within walking distance and bus to lot's of things. These are "austin" recs and not upper crust, with easy access walking or cheap cab or bus from your hotel.

      Have breakfast at Las Manitas on 2nd/Congress one day, then at El Sol y la Luna the 2nd day (Congress, S of river). If you are adventurous, have menudo. If not, pozole. If you really want menudo, go east on 1st street and find the pink place with the most cars at 10 AM. Everyone is drinking already at that hour.

      Late night breakfast at least once at Star Seeds Cafe on I35 and 32nd for subculture.

      Dinner - BBQ baby back ribs (not the big ribs) at Artz Rib House on S. Lamar. The often have an old timey bluegrass band. Proceed to Broken Spoke if you have time/energy for boot scootin.

      Lot's of people like Chuy's as a uniquely Austin place (Barton Springs Road). More BBQ next door at Green Mesquite - chicken and sausage are better here than ribs/brisket. Nice outdoor patio. I like to swim barton springs pool for an hour, then go to Green Mesquite and sit under the oaks on the patio. There is something very therapeutic about that for me.

      Have a hamburger at Casino El Camino on E 6th. It takes an hour to prepare.

      Don't eat at any cajun restaurants in Austin, esp if you are from New Orleans!

      A nice dinner at East Side Cafe or a very nice blowout dinner at Shoreline Grill on Town Lake for atmosphere. If you just want to walk down congress, Pango tea bar is nice for sushi on the way to the warehouse district. Very good Thai at Thai Passion (green curry esp). Several upscale restaurants around also.

      There should be great vendors at the ACL fest.

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        OOPS - I'm bad about multiple posts, but this is a message board.

        It looks like you'll be in the money for the fest, check this link:

        Have mexican vanilla at Amy's ice cream and a Flipnotics coffee. I'll let others chime in for specific recs on the vendors.

      2. For bar food and beer try the Dog and Duck Pub @ 406 W 17th St.

        1. For bar food and beer try the Dog and Duck Pub @ 406 W 17th St.

          1. Check out the list of food vendors at, It looks alot better than last year. You know, the fest goes on till 10:00. I just mention that, because I've been to jazz fest many times and was surprised last year that ACL goes on in the evening. It was weird(but, fun) leaving in the dark.

            Outside of the fest stick to BBQ, Mexican, and chicken fried steak. You can't go wrong. Anything, else will be inferior to New Orleans restaurants. I love Austin, but Lousiana food has it beat....hands down. I grew up in Baton Rouge/New Orleans and will visiting my sister in New Orleans this weekend. Yahoo!!!!!

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              Also, there are some really good Vietnamese restaurants in Austin. Sunflower and Tams are really great, if you can cab it over to N. Lamar/183 area.

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                If you are from New Orleans, I would skip the Vietnamese places here. The ones in New Orleans East and on the West Bank are far superior to those here.

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                  In the downtown area, walking distance from your motel:

                  Manuel's, between 3rd and 4th on Congress for great enterior Mexican food (as opposed to tex-mex). Half price appetizers 5 to 7pm. Wonderful flautas, fajitas, fried shrimp, etc. Excellent margaritas.

                  Next door to Manuel's is La Traviata, a delightful little Italian restaurant. Reservations recommended.

                  Dont miss the bats on the Congress Avenue bridge. Just after sunset stand on the east side of the bridge, south end over the river, by a light pole, for best viewing.