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Jul 1, 2013 08:14 AM

Upcoming 40th Birthday Dinner

My 40th birthday is coming up in August, and my fiance has asked me to give him a list of places I'd want to go for dinner. We live about equidistant from DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis, so I would be open to eating somewhere in any of those places and would also consider an overnight on the Eastern Shore or in VA.

My fiance is willing to eat outside of his comfort zone to a certain extent, but I wouldn't call him a foodie. (We ate at Expressway Pit Beef for his 40th birthday.) He would indulge me on my birthday, but I don't want to go somewhere where he'd be miserable. We recently ate at Mokomandy, which he liked though I was worried, and we've eaten at Woodberry Kitchen, which he also liked. I went to minibar and Rogue 24 with a girlfriend because those places are really not his thing.

Here's my list so far:

-Charlston -- I've heard a ton about it and have never been
-Wit and Wisdom
(I know Tio Pepe is another Baltimore heavy hitter, but for some reason I'm not feeling excited about Spanish food. I know Pabu is supposed to be really good, but same as Tio Pepe -- I'm not feeling that excited about Japanese food. We've been to the Prime Rib in DC a couple of times and really enjoyed it, but since I've already been a couple of times I'd rather do something else for my birthday.)

-Komi -- I went once several years ago (a year or two after they opened) and have been wanting to go back, this might be the outer limit of my fiance's comfort zone and I'm not sure it's really an option

-Trummer's on Main

Eastern Shore -- I could have sworn I read about a great place in Easton, but now I can't figure out where that might be. Is there anywhere on the Eastern Shore we should consider?

Does anyone have any thoughts or other ideas? Since it's my 40th birthday, I want to go somewhere with some specialness to it, but otherwise I'm pretty open (except for not being that excited about Spanish and Japanese food, I guess).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have never been but the place in Easton is probably The Bartlett Pear Inn

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    1. re: jimg28

      Thanks! That's probably it....

    2. How many people are coming to your dinner?

      I can see what you are thinking about by the places on your list, but you might want to take it easy on your poor boyfriend's wallet if there's going to be a group.

      If you are bringing a lot of friends, check out the Beacon Bar and Grill. I was there for a party recently and found their Portobello Ravioli to be outstanding. We had dinner on the Rooftop SkyBar, they broke everything out into small plates, and it was a great meal.

      I did my 40th birthday at Zaytinya and it was great. All of the food was so fresh.

      Another place I have been to for parties where the food was good is Matchbox in Chinatown.

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      1. re: jmiggler

        Thanks, it's just going to be the two of us (I'm generally not a fan of large group dinners), so we can go a little higher end.

      2. Here are some places some I have been:

        Frederick MD - Volt - Have been a few times has always been good

        Paris VA - Ashby Inn - Out in the middle of Virginia "hunt country" about an hour west of DC. Went back in May and stayed overnight at the Inn.

        Lovettesville VA - Patowmack Farms - Went a couple weeks ago the weather was perfect for outside dinning great view and great food.

        Places I have not visited yet but are on my list along with some you have mentioned Komi and Wit&Wisdom

        City Zen
        Rasika - Indian
        Little Serrow - Thai food run by Komi's Johnny Monis. No reservations you have to get there early and wait.

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        1. re: brian4625

          Thanks, I've been to Volt but not for dinner, and I've never been to the Ashby Inn or Patowmack Farms. I'll check those out.

          I've been to CityZen and Rasika several times and to Little Serow once. I'd rather go somewhere I haven't been before (although I would go to Komi again since it's been many years since I was there).

          1. re: brian4625

            I have been to Potowmack Farms several times and it is excellent and not too stuffy. You eat in what used to be a greenhouse. Volt is always lovely. Shab Row in Frederick is also always lovely.

            1. re: Wvfoodies

              Thank you, I hadn't heard of Shab Row and will put that on the list for consideration!