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Jul 1, 2013 06:53 AM

Chinese Spaghetti Factory Dumplings in Philly???

Does anyone know if there is a supermarket, convenience store, or any store in Philly that has the full sized dumplings from a brand called Chinese Spaghetti Factory? I think the brand is sometimes called Boston Spaghetti Factory (the factory is located there).

These are my favorite dumplings (as well as the favorite of someone I know from NY) and I haven't been able to find them in Chinatown. I'm hoping that the H-Mart in NJ has them because I know the H-Mart in Burlington, MA has them but don't want to keep crossing the bridge to get them.

I've been trying to find a good picture of the package but the internet is failing me. The package is usually non-descript and features no images on it. It's a clear plastic bag that has lettering with printed on it with a single color ( black, green, and some others I think) depending on the flavor. Their most popular is just plain pork, pork and leek, and probably chicken. The dumplings themselves are kind of thicker skinned.

I've found mini dumplings that are similar (but not the same brand) but I'm looking for full sized ones.

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  1. Have you been to the HMart in Upper Derby ,Cheltenham (may technically be Elkins Park) or Levittown?

    Assi in North Wales is another possibility. My experience here has been there are multiple brands of dumplings there, though i do not recall brands per se. Also googled the name and it appears that they also sell dumplings under the brand name Dumpling King.

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      I think that's the name of the restaurant in Boston that sells the dumplings cooked. I was wondering if they would use it as a separate brand though.

      I didn't know there was an HMart this side of the river! I'll definitely try it at some point!

      1. re: marginalyouth

        I've never seen these dumplings at the Upper Darby location, fyi.

        1. re: Boognish

          How about Dumpling King, Boognish?

          1. re: cwdonald

            No, those either. They mostly carry Japanese gyoza instead of Chinese dumplings. I'll probably head out there sometime this week, so I'll try to remember to make a full report.

    2. Have you checked the Asian supermarkets on Washington Ave? (6th st and 12th st?) I don't know if I have seen that brand but next time in I'll look

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      1. re: Bigley9

        Haven't headed out that way yet but it was suggested. The same person says she's never found them in Philly after being here a year or so.

      2. At first, I thought you might have been talking about Way Fong dumplings which are plainly packaged, but then I found this. It's a pretty small image, but is this what the packaging looks like?中国锅...

        Maybe you could ask the factory?

        Please post back with whatever you find because now I'm curious!

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        1. re: mookleknuck

          That's it! I think I will call the factory at some point. I just hope I can communicate with them in English or my crappy Cantonese...

        2. I expect to be going to the Cheltenham H Mart today or tomorrow so I'll keep any eye out for those dumplings and let you know. Oddly enough, they sound like dumplings I've gotten there before and really liked- I think pork and leek. Of course I didn't take note of a name or save the packaging. I think I'll recognize them though if I see them.