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Jul 1, 2013 06:52 AM

Crabs-to-go in/near Cambridge (Eastern Shore)

Weather permitting, we're likely to head to the Eastern Shore for a day trip over the holiday weekend. I know there are any number of restaurants where we can pick crabs and enjoy a water view, but we're thinking of packing up some picnic gear/drinks/salads, etc. and finding some local crabs to round out the meal. There's a nice park on the water in Cambridge that's ideal for a picnic. The question is, where should we buy our crabs? FWIW, we'll be approaching Cambridge from the north on Rt. 50, so we can get them anywhere between Easton and Cambridge. Thanks!

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  1. Okay, no assistance here, so I Googled the Yellow Pages and found two good sources. The first, right in Cambridge, was J.M. Clayton, a short distance from Long Wharf Park. I phoned early in the day to inquire about what they had available and was told they had large males from the Choptank at $40/dozen. But by the time we arrived (about 3:30 PM) they were out of crabs. They were expecting more in later on, but rather than wait, we called T.L. Morris, just across the bridge in Trappe. They had a good supply of large males, also Choptank, at $45/doz, so that's where we got our stash. DElicious!!! We picnicked at Great Marsh Park in Cambridge and it was a delightful day.

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      Are those prices really for a dozen, or for a bushel? I'm having a hard time envisioning almost $4 per crab!

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        You read that right -- that's the price per dozen. And based on a few price-checking phone calls I made that day, $40-45 a dozen for large males was the going price on the Eastern Shore.

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          Good lord! That's some expensive crabs. $25 a bushel for mixed jimmies and sooks here on the NC coast.

    2. We were at Harris Crab House at Kent Narrows Sunday and their jumbos were $105/dozen. My wife's birthday, we sprang for them. You only live once, watermen don't have an easy time of it, so we happily pay the going rate.

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        I cannot imagine paying nearly $10 for a single blue crab.