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Jul 1, 2013 06:18 AM

hard boiled eggs in tuna salad?

What does it add? I always make my tuna salad the same. Tuna , lemon juice , a little grated onion or onion powder, finely diced celery s/p little mayo a little sour cream lately its been Greek yogurt. And it is good and creamy. My husband asked recently why I never add hard cooked eggs? I just cant . I love hard boiled eggs . I eat them often but I don't see why I would add them to tuna salad. Those of you who like your tuna with egg what does it add creaminess ,flavor? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question ,but I'm just curious.

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  1. I grew up with hard boiled eggs in tuna salad and always enjoyed it. I eventually stopped adding them when I started cooking for myself and enjoy it equally, mainly because I started buying better quality tuna than what my mother used and didn't want to mask the flavor too heavily. However, I do find myself occasionally putting slices of hard boiled egg on top of my tuna in a sandwich.

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      i've never heard of this - is it a regional or ethnic thing? (me: Anglo, grew up in the Northeast)

      1. re: WNYamateur

        My grandmother and parents always made it this way so I usually do, too. I'm Jewish and grew up in Pittsburgh.

        1. re: AmyH

          As mentioned above, my Hungarian-born mom always used hard-boiled eggs in tuna (in potato salad also - lots of mustard) - clearly a food she did not grow up with in pre-war Hungary. For whatever reason (cost, probably) hard-boiled eggs appeared everywhere in her cooking.

          1. re: ferret

            absolutely... it's not just Hungarian (actually I am as well) but a European thing... :) tuna salad and potato salad cant be without eggs .... yummmie.... ps. try it :)

          2. re: AmyH

            My best friend's mom, Lois--may she rest in peace--made tuna salad with very finely chopped hard boiled eggs and celery for crunch. We're Jewish and in Sherman Oaks--a suburb of Los Angeles.

            Also, GO PIRATES!

          1. I just add chopped egg whites. It adds a bit of flavor and texture.

            1. I LOVE hard boiled eggs in tuna salad. I don't make it that way every time, but when I do it's a real treat.
              It's a great combination.