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Jun 30, 2013 07:48 PM

Organic FRESH Mozzarella Cheese

I've been trying really hard to find fresh mozzarella that is organic(in the south bay area) but have been unable to for the past year. Can anybody help me out with this? By fresh, I mean the mozzarella in whey/water and not the dry-packed one. The textures are completely different and I prefer the softer texture of fresh mozzarella in caprese salads.

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  1. I bought strauss organic milk and made mozzarella today. I was shocked how easy it was - didn't take much more than an hour, and that's as fresh as it gets. The price ends up about $13/lb just for the milk cost, everything else is time.

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      Do you have a recipe you can share?

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        I bought this kit:

        At this local store:

        which I had found on CH originally.

        The instructions are pretty good, the rennet is OK (enough to clot 500L of milk), it's a few pennies of citric acid and non-iodized salt, the thermometer is a joke, the muslin isn't needed for mozzerella, but for $25 it seemed like a good deal. The instructions were worth it.

        The guy at Beer and Winemakers seemed a little terse, but they did have cool stuff like hops rhizomes and actual fresh grapes when they're in season.

        After a successful first attempt, we're thinking of making Buratta next weekend for a dinner party. Doesn't seem so hard.

    2. In Oakland, The Institute of Urban Homesteading has two scheduled cheesemaking classes this month with some more in August, October (including mozarella) and November:

      Cheese Making 102: Mold Ripened Cheeses
      Thursday July 11, 2013 6:30-9:30 pm

      Cheese Making 101: Yogurt, Fresh Cheeses & Feta
      Sunday July 28 2013 3-6pm

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          According to the article, it's not available in the south bay.... looks like tasty cheese tho