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Jun 30, 2013 07:45 PM

Lunch in Gush Etzion?

Is the winery restaurant in Gush Etzion anything special?

Or is Gavna nicer?

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  1. I would recommend the winery restaurant. Here are two threads which include posts of mine about both places you asked about.

    By the way, it's Gavna that I was referring to at the end of my post on the second of these linked threads; I couldn't remember the name of the place when I wrote about it.

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    1. re: queenscook

      Thank you, queenscook. I don't know why I didn't find these on a search.

      1. re: AdinaA

        Could be because the default for the search is a shorter amount of time than when I posted them. I think the default is a year; these posts are from 2011. You have to go to the advanced search and specify "past 5 years" or "all years" for older stuff. (You may know this, Adina, but there may be others who don't, so I thought I'd mention it.)

      2. re: queenscook

        We live in the Gush and in our opinion Gavna has the winery totally beat. The atmosphere in the winery is quite "plastic". Gavna is rustic and fun. The food and service are also better.

      3. Are rental cars allowed to be driven to the restaurant at the Gush Etzion winery?

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          I don't think that would be a problem - but would double check. The main issue would be whether or not the car would be insured, and my suspicion is that the insurance would cover all of Area C and possibly B.

          1. re: AdinaA

            This is not definitive in any way, but my husband, who is a real stickler for rules, has never mentioned that we were breaking any or taking any chances when we drove to the Gush in rented cars.

            1. re: queenscook

              You're right. Rental cars are insured and not restricted in the Gush. I'll report back on food at the winery.

          2. Chose the winery. Lunch. Delicious hot mushroom sandwich - best sandwich of the whole trip. Excellent pizza. perfect salad. The inside room has a nice modernist look, perched in a glass box over the wine-making facility. They served us a glass of the local microbrew: Lone Tree. A perfectly done summer ale. We didn't do a real wine tasting for many reasons, but I would love to, given the opportunity.