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French Chef Omelet Pan - The Pot Shop Boston

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Curious as to the choice of materials available for this pan. Is there a huge difference in performance between aluminum, sand or polished. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Wow.

    The Pot Shop was originally imagined as a franchise operation in the late 1960's. It really was not successful. I worked for four years at one of the few stores that did succeed, in a suburb of Boston. It was a great high school/college job, and initiated my interest in cooking.

    I bought the polished pan - I don't think it had a wood handle, but the finish on the PS site photo looks the same - for my dad for Father's Day one year. He faithfully used that pan with no failures for almost 35 years. So, I would say go with polished. He did not wash it, just wiped it clean. He seasoned it with a salt scrub two or three times a year. Nothing adhered to it.

    I wish I had saved it, it was stupidly [not by me!] set out in a garage sale when my folks sold their house.

    He treasured it. His weekly Sunday omelets were fantastic.

    1. All of them are cast aluminum. The non-stick will not last forever (as with all non-stick pans), so this is unacceptable to me at this price. The polished is mainly a cosmetic improvement. The sand is reputed to season better, so that would be my choice. I doubt you will go wrong either way. But, not based on experience, though I lust for one of these pans.

      1. I just posted on another thread about this. I too cannot make up my mind between the polished or the sand, so I would welcome any opinions.

        I was going to order the 8 inch pan, but based on MacGuffin's review on the other thread who said he/she regretted not getting the bigger pan, I am going to go with the bigger pan.

        1. I have had the polished 8 inch omelet pan for over 40 years; it was a wedding gift from a very good friend. I have not used it for omelets however -- after the first year or so, I used it as my crepe pan. Just for crepes. Now, I am going to get another just for eggs, as the inexpensive pans I have used and gone through so many of -- they just do not do it. This pan is totally non-stick and has made millions of crepes. It is worth every penny to have another. It does have a wooden handle -- they all do so I think the porous, needs to be seasoned a lot, ones are not as practical -- (they cannot be put into the oven for seasoning) Attaching a photo to show how a 45 year old used all the time pan looks! nikkiwood -- you gave your dad a great gift! and the care he gave is the same as I have done. I don't even have to salt scrub mine at all now. As for 8 inch vs 10 inch -- I have trouble flipping the 10 inch pans I have so I like the 8 inch -- but I 'm an old lady with arthritis -- if you are young and strong - go for the 10 inch and enjoy!