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Jun 30, 2013 07:16 PM

Butterfly Supper Club - TriBeCa - ho hum

We popped into the Butterfly Supper Club in TriBeCa - a new Michael White Resto. It was crowded when we arrived on a Sunday at 730 and we took the last empty table.

I think it's meant to be a high end diner from the 1960 (at least that's what it reminded me of). The menu was fairly short - a handful of appetizers, three salads, three sandwiches and maybe four entrees. The menu was also quite heavy -- nothing really seemed light and healthy.

We started with fried cracklins - which were fine. I've never really had good or bad cracklins and frankly I don't enjoy them much (my husband snuck them in the order). I started w a Caesar salad. It had both romaine and kale. I tasted as if it hadn't been freshly dressed and it was dressed way too much. Pretty limp. It came with shaved Parmesan, fried capers and "anchovy breadcrumbs". Between the heavy dose of dressing and all the toppings, it was a salt bomb and, as a result, almost in edible. Funny, as I like all the things in the salad, just not all on top of each other.

For entrees, we got the fried chicken and the patty melt. Fried chicken was excellent. Four pieces (menu said bell and Evans, I believe). Breast split in half, drumstick and thigh. Very tasty, if a bit greasy (it's rare that f chic is not, no?). It came w a small ramekin of unremarkable cole slaw and a super buttery biscuit brushed on top w honey butter. I asked the server for some honey, as I love biscuits w honey (it's like my desert) and the server acknowledged that the biscuit is made w honey but they don't have any to serve along side it. He said I wasn't the first person to ask and they are collecting feedback so they can improve in subsequent weeks.

The patty melt looked v ordinary to me, but I didn't try. It. It came w French fries that were cold, pickles and some yellow sauce. My husband said it was tasty.

We brought out two young girls (both under three). Service was very accommodating for them and there were a lot of other kids in the resto.

They had a fun looking cocktail menu -- my husband just had a manhattan which was well made and I didn't drink.

After such in insanely heavy meal we skipped dessert.

I may go back, but no time soon. Too heavy all around (granted we ordered really heavy, but the menu wasn't really light on the all around). I think they have a few kinks to work out and I'd have to have a serious hankering for fried chix to bring me back. And, there's some great fried chic is the hood already (bubbys, cornerstone).

Ho hum.

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  1. it's supposed to be Wisconsin-style. what that means, I couldn't say, but it doesn't sound "light and healthy".

    1. It was cool and chic. But that was it.
      I wasn't blown away as I was at Costata.

      I had Bratwurst sliders, shrimp toast, and melba for dessert (composed of almond cake, peach ice cream, raspberry sorbet, and sweet cream). Grasshopper cocktail was interesting, with creme de menthe served separately in a tiny bottle.

      Everything was well executed, but nothing extraordinary.
      But then, perhaps that's what Butterfly is trying to be.
      Casual and not too serious perhaps.
      Service was really great. Friendly, cheerful, accommodating, and efficient!

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        I agree with Kosmose , on that "everything is well executed but nothing extraordinary" also on " Casual and not too serious". I think it is PERFECT. Much different than other neighborhood spots like Odeon, or Cercle Rouge, which one may thing would be similar in style. I didn't know it was a Michael White spot until I saw on the menu Altamarea group. I love Marea and Osteria Morini btw.
        Butterfly has pretty non complex dishes, but all have a little twist to them. The fried zucchini (squash) flowers were good, crispy, creamy with cheese inside. The Crab Cakes were lighter than most. Not greasy, perfectly made. The accompanying little salad was a nice touch.
        Bratwurst sliders were delicious. Nothing fancy, but tasty and cooked right. The patty melt ( burger) was served on delicious bread, rather than a bun. The fries were hand cut and the dish had a dijon mayo on the side.
        They seemed to specialize in creative cocktails. It is not a big place and gets packed. I am thrilled with a place like this in Tribeca. Next time i'm gonna try the reuben croquette

      2. Ho hum would be an overly generous description of this place based on a recent visit. Michael White should renounce his association with Butterfly. Poor service at the bar, and all the food was mediocre to plain bad.

        Lowlights included the oysters which were still attached to the shell, had no liquor in the shelves and appeared and tasted as if they had been pre shucked. They were served with a shot of Tabasco sauce in the middle of the tray. When we asked the bartender for cocktail sauce, he answered "that's what we got". The majority of the platter went untouched. The fried chicken was pretty disappointing for a signature dish. It had crispy coating, but unfortunately is was overdone, under seasoned and not juicy at all. The zucchini blini was clod, bland and one of the worst things I have put in my mouth in some time. The fries that came with the average patty melt were excellent at least. Good fry job and fluffy on the inside.

        No wonder the place was half empty by 11:30a.