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Jun 30, 2013 06:04 PM

Kalamata olives in WA?

So, DH & I have been l looking all over for kosher kalamata olives. The only ones we have found are up in BC and therefore crazy expensive...anyone know of someone in Washinton state that carries them?

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  1. There are brands like Krinos that are widely available, Some mail order companies ship them.

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      Roland also has (Turkish) Kalamata olives with an OU.

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        I'm not looking for brand names so much as who might carry them locally. I havent been able to find them locally (even through

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          The brand names we're referencing are not traditionally kosher brands, they are brands you would find in most groceries.

      2. trader joes used to have star k certified one here not sure if they are still available. there is an Israeli brand that has their own "kalamata" style (cured in wine vinegar) in a can

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          Trader Joe's does not carry kosher ones here. I'm there about once every other week and they have never had them since we moved here

        2. Costco carries K kalamata's.

          1. Go to the Krinos Canada website

            they'll tell you what stores in Vancouver carry their line of Kalamata