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Jun 30, 2013 05:36 PM


I need a bit of expert advice here. I'm thinking of buying a single-cup coffee brewer, but I can't decide whether it should be a Keurig or a Tassimo. I've read both good & bad reviews about both. The biggest criticism seems to be the taste, yet a lot of people say the taste is great. I'm looking for something to brew many types ..... espresso, capuccino, lattes, hot chocolate, regular coffee, etc .... Is there anyone out there who can advise??

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  1. No response yet, so I went out & bought a Tassimo T-46 ..... brews great coffees, lattes & caps. They may not be as "good" as a specialty coffee house, but it's still darn good coffee!! I recommend the brew system highly.

    1. Seems, Tassimo single cup coffee machine not sells as well as keurig. Tassimo has too few patterns to choose, well keurig has much more

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        I compared my Tassimo to my brother's Keurig .... my tassimo makes much better coffee & more varieties, compared to Keurig, i.e. mochas, capuccinos, lattes. I'd recommend a Tassimo anyday, but then coffee taste is ALL SUBJECTIVE, isn't it? I wouldn't take anyone's word on taste (coffee, restaurants, connoiseurs, etc .... you have to TASTE/TRY it yourself to be the final judge!!

      2. Hey glaceats,Well, Keurig and Tassimo are both using a special packs to hold the coffee beans(or drinks packs ). Well, may be it is a little too late to come to reply here as you mentioned that you have already bought your Tassimo coffee maker. Well, I still would like to share one article here about comparisons between Keurig Single coffee maker and Tassimo coffee maker. http://www.bestcoffeemakerreviewsplus...

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          Thanks for the input, christopher1974. As you know, I purchased my Tassimo quite some time ago, & we are 110% satisfied with its functioning & the coffees it brews. We were looking for a specialty coffee machine & Tassimo fills the bill perfectly. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys espresso, lattes, & capuccinos. Thanks again for the feedback.

        2. I'm not a proponent of single cup coffee makers but a friend of mine who is loves his Tassimo much more than his old Keurig as it makes a better cup of coffee according to him. He also feels however that the Tassimo will be the "Betamax" of the coffee maker world. While it may be a better system (betamax) it doesn't have the market share of Keurig (VHS).

          1. SIL has a Keurig that she RAVES about! IMO, the coffee it produces tastes a bit instanty??