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Jun 30, 2013 04:32 PM

kosher at fancy food show

I hope to make a full report but the most interesting news on things going kosher was Balconi is going OU, They have great and relatively inexpensive dairy desserts that you can get from the supermarket

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  1. Cool! Is the whole line going kosher?

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        I was at the Fancy Food Show today. It was impressive to see that many companies that had kosher products, indicated this as part of their display. It shows how important the kosher segment has become in the food industry.

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          I'd love some examples of the new items I can look forward to bringing home.

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            I enjoyed the newer entries into the chumus market. I don't recall the name of the company that had healthier versions of chumus containing lentils or black beans.

            The Israeli vendors did not have anything unexpected. I guess that I would like to see Israeli food companies to think out of the box and not to just have the typical Israeli food products that we are used to seeing.

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              what about oila downstairs? i thought it was quite creative especially the lime mousses

    1. brief rundown of the show


      here is my brief report
      Baked goods

      Sheila G's brownie brittle-thin brownies Kosher certified by OUD. Flavors: Mint, salted caramel, toffee crunch and chocolate chip

      Seth Greenberg's Authentic Brownie Crunch Kosher certified by Kof-k-D Flavors include: Jalapeno, Chile Pepper, Chipotle, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip,
      Toffee Chip, Cinnamon Cappuccino, Orange

      Brownie Points Kosher certified by OU-D. Small brownies with flavors like cinnamon streusel, red velvet, seven layer, lemon blueberry swirl and others. Popcorn as well.
      The Food Network:
      • Featured on "The Best of" Show with Mark Silverstein
      • Chosen as one of their "Best Desserts of the Year"!
      • Featured on "Secret Life Of Brownies" with Jim O'Connor

      Featured on The Rachael Ray Show as "Snack of the Day"

      La Panzanella Kosher certified by Ko-f K dairy. Dolcetini artisan cookies with flavors like lemon, peppermint.

      Biscotti Goddess Kosher certified by Va’ad Kashrut Tidewater. Vanilla dipped in dark chocolate, vanilla almond and gluten free. Biscotti Goddess partners with Hermitage Enterprises for order fulfillment. Hermitage's mission is to provide vocational and day support services to citizens with intellectual disabilities.

      Sweet Mavens Biscotti Kosher certified by OU-D. Flavors: cranberry ginger, golden apricot white chocolate, Mint chocolate chip, caramel with chocolate and sea salt. Like many Italian immigrants in the early 1900’s, my grandmother, Maria Carpene, was an extraordinary woman. My fondest memories revolve around baking with my Nonna. Cracking the eggs, rolling the dough, preparing the pans were all magical tasks in my grandmother’s tiny kitchen. My love of baking was born in these humble surroundings and has continued for my entire adult life.
      One of my favorite treats was my grandmother’s Anise Almond Biscotti. All the varieties that we make are based on her original recipe and I am proud to be able to bring you her exceptional biscotti. The roots of her biscotti go back to Medieval times. The residents of Milan (Milanese) fashioned a biscotti that was different from much of Italy and therefore different than what most Americans are familiar with. Made in pans, sliced, and second baked, they more closely resemble the texture of cake, very different from the rock hard cookies we are used to.
      So I invite you to experience biscotti in the Milanese tradition. All our biscotti are hand made with the finest ingredients and hand crafted with care and love. I hope you enjoy these non-traditional soft biscotti based on my Nonna’s original recipe, and I invite you to make Sweet Mavens your new biscotti tradition. Alla salute!

      Sara Snacker Kosher certified by OK D. New bagged flavor peanut butter oatmeal chippy as well as individual cookies.

      Pearl River Pastry Kosher certified by OU D. Cookie Pies-cookie crust with a pie filling. Flavors: lemon, pecan, caramel, chocolate, raspberry, and peanut butter. Not shelf stable

      Hannah Max Kosher certified by OU-D. Crispy cookies thin like a potato chip. New Flavor: dark chocolate

      Dancing Deer Sweet and Savory Cookies Kosher certified by Star-d. Kalamata olive with fig shortbread, sun dried tomato and pine nut shortbread, rosemary and pink salt shortbread. Gluten free chocolate chip cookies as well as oatmeal raisin and chocolate chunk brownie. Thin and crispy cookies with flavors like: chocolate chip n and sea salt, ginger spice with crystallized ginger and sweet lemon burst

      niocciolata organic hazelnut spread with cocoa and milk - . Kosher certified by Star D kosher.

      Bissinger Chocolate covered fruits or nuts. Kosher certified by OV dairy . choc covered cherries, chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered coconut pineapple, chocolate covered cranberries, chocolate covered pomegranate pearls, chocolate covered blueberries, chocolate covered orange slices. All natural.

      Hammond’s. Kosher certified by Torah Scroll K Dairy. New chocolate bars like sea salt caramel, crackle crunch, pbj sandwich, More S;mores, malted milkshake and pigs and taters (potato chips and bacon). This line was winner of most innovative product at 2012 sweets and snacks expo. Also they have a bee pollen chocolate bar

      Chip N Dipped chocolate bars Kosher certified by young Israel Huntington. Flavors like Dark Cinnamon Graham, Dark Marshmallow Sundae, Hot! Chocolate Habanero. Many flavors are pareve dairy equipment Chip’n Dipped has been featured on Long Island’s PBS station, WLIW Channel 21 and a live broadcast on New York’s CW11 morning show. Our all-natural chocolate confections were featured in the New York Times.

      Alcove Chocolate Kosher certified by OU-D. Chocolate bars like milk chocolate with red velvet cake and buttercream, dark chocolate with orange and champagne essence and milk chocolate with real banana and crunchy crispies. Our rich, refined three-ounce bars are created with award winning European chocolate fused with our propriety blend of natural flavors and spices. We craft them in limited quantities to ensure the highest quality.

      Alcove chocolates do not contain preservatives or harmful additive

      Yolka chocolates Kosher certified by OU-D. Not kosher for Passover Chocolate Matzo Bar as well as chocolate ornaments (like xmas) Our chocolate starts with premium quality cocoa beans from responsibly managed farms in the Ivory Coast and Ghana — countries known for some of the finest cocoa in the world. In Belgium, the beans are roasted and converted into fine chocolate using top-notch European ingredients and equipment.
      Our recipe mandates an extra measure of cocoa butter — the most expensive ingredient. This translates in a glossy chocolate with a luxurious and smooth taste. Marian’s mother was inspired to draw on her Russian heritage when families hung fruit and candy on trees as precious treats for the children. She created hand-made foil-wrapped chocolate ornaments for her daughters to hang and eat. Marian and her sister were on their best behavior all day so they could gather with their family and pluck and eat these yummy treats from the tree.
      Fast-forward 20 years … Marian’s four-year-old son begged to hang a treasured glass ornament. Predictably, it fell and shattered. Her first response was to recall her own childhood experience of her mother’s creative holiday tradition. She searched everywhere for these chocolate ornaments, to no avail. Thus, the idea for Yölka was born. Today, her own children continue to unwrap the tradition.

      Marich Kosher certified by Kof-K dairy. They have in bulk The Milk Chocolate Bacon Toffee and the Double Chocolate Bacon Pretzel

      hagensborg Chocolates Truffle Pig Kosher certified by British Columbia vaad. Little bite size pigs with flavors like milk peanut butter, peanut butter and raspberry jam and dark orange as well as larger packaging. In a chocolate kingdom located in Vancouver, Canada, the Reigning Princess assisted by her team of princesses in waiting produces and markets the finest European chocolates in all the land. From Snuffly the Truffle Pig to the Kiss Me Frog Prince, only the finest European ingredients have been master crafted and sold throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. Major department stores, specialty grocery chains, gift basket companies and local gift stores have fallen under the spell of magical award winning recipes. Why wait to experience happily ever after?

      Taza Kosher certified by OU. Pareve. Now they make bars. Crispy brown rice paired with 65% chocolate. Organic. Hazelnut crunch, crispy crunch, almond crunch, coconut crunch and peanut crunch

      V Chocolates Kosher certified by OU-D. New boxed mint frogs and white bear print chocolate

      Seattle Chocolate Company JCO chocolate brand Kosher certified by Star-D. jcoco is worthy of your good taste. We start with pure quality and fuss over each exquisite ingredient and detail to bring you the experience of American couture chocolate. Includes black fig pistachio, coconut pecan, agave quinoa sesame, edamamae sea salt, dark with cocoa nibs and cayenne Veracruz orange,. every time you purchase a jcoco product, we will give a fresh, healthy serving of food to someone who would otherwise go hungry.

      Amoretti Gourmet icings. Kosher certified by kehilla Kashrut.--either dairy or pareve. Use for piping, glazing, filling or dipping. All natural icings with flavors like maple bacon, salted caramel, red velvet, eggnog, orange cream and lemon. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Can eat direct from jar.

      Bequet Confections Kosher certified by Star-D. New flavor Salted mocha one layer salt chocolate and one layer espresso caramel

      Cocomels Kosher certified by Earth Kosher. all natural, dairy free, gluten free, GMO free and vegan caramels made with coconut milk. Chocolate covered flavors include: sea salt, espresso, chai spice and vanilla. Naked flavors: original, sea salt, vanilla and java. Welcome to JJ’s Sweets! We are a candy company dedicated to new ideas in the world of treats. We draw from the past but are influenced by our desire to see candy evolve into tasty indulgences that inspire the spirit, support our bodies, and are sustainable for the environment.
      The idea for this company came to me in a dream I had one night. In the dream I saw new candies being created by a kooky Willy Wonka-ish candy man. He was making Ginseng hard candies and other treats that not only delivered in the realm of immediate gratification, but also were healthier for our bodies and contained some functional benefits. They were also unique in their flavors, drawing on old recipes but infused with a modern adventurousness.
      After months of sitting on this idea I decided to begin experimenting in October 2009. From my first batch (an early version of the Lemon Study Buddy with Ginkgo and Rosemary), I had very positive reviews; and when I created the first Cocomel, it was all over. JJ’s Sweets was born! We would make delicious candies out of natural ingredients that were friendly to people with allergies.
      Today, one year later, JJ’s Sweets are sold in over 100 retail establishments across Colorado, California, other select national locations, and on our website. We are a small team of dedicated employees: JJ, Chief Candyman and founder, leads the team while Marjorie and Gloria help crank out the goodness.
      Every Cocomel or piece of Unique Hard Candy is a mix of divine inspiration, creativity, love, attention to detail and hard work. We feel lucky to find ourselves in the admirable position of offering to the world little bits of edible joy. We take pride in our products and stand behind what we do. Please contact us with any feedback you might have. We’d love to hear what you think and look forward to building our relationships into the future.
      Please enjoy, and remember, “Life is Sweet!”

      Bosco Kosher certified by ? Syrups like dulce de leche, mocha and strawberry.


      rigoni di asiago lingonberry fiordifrutta jam- Kosher certified by star d

      rufus teague bbq sauce-Kosher certified by OU

      Miller’s Mustard Kosher certified by Kof-K. pareve. Hot and sweet mustard and mild and sweet. Gluten free and fat free

      Healthy Food
      Milas foods stuff'd grape vine leaves in snack form or travel star-k

      Milas Foods Dip'in pepper and artichoke bruscetta, hummus, black olive tapenade. Kosher certified by Star-K. Comes in either snack size or travel size

      Bare Fruit all natural apple chips. Kosher certified by
      Earth Kosher / Flavors: plain and cinnamon granny smith, plain and cinnamon fuji and new sea salt caramel. basically, Bare Fruit Apple Chips are the perfect snack: great tasting and great for you. Made from Washington State apples (and nothing else) our apple chips are low in calories, fat free, full of fiber, and so good even your kids will love them. Just like eating an apple, only more convenient and even tastier.
      There are really several types of snacks on the market. Some are great tasting. Potato chips really do taste good. But they aren’t good for you. Some snacks are “better-for-you.” But there are very few “good-for-you” snacks out there. An apple chip, baked (not fried or freeze-dried) tastes great while still being good-for-you in every way.
      Our exclusive process bakes the chip in a way that the natural sugars caramelize on the outside. This provides a sweet and tart flavor combination without adding sugars or flavors. In some of our products we add organic cinnamon and other natural flavors to provide a variety to our customers.

      Bare Fruit Snacks are all-natural and the organic chips are certified by Washington State, the hardest organic certifiers in the country. We make every effort to be environmentally friendly and will be 100% carbon neutral in 2013.

      Crunch ma me - Kosher certified by OU edamame veggie snack with flavors like jalapeno, onion and chive, sea salt and black pepper, lightly seasoned

      Sante. Certified by Star-K. Crunchy nuts for salads and snacking. Flavors like: candied pistachio, cinnamon pecan, candied walnuts, cardamom cashews, chipotle almonds, sweet and spicy pecans, garlic almonds and roasted salted pecans

      GoGO Squeeze Kosher certified by OU. Apple pear apple sauce in squeezable packet

      Think Fruit Kosher certified by OU. Pouches of dried fruit with flavors like cherry, blueberry, cranberry, peach and more


      Savannah Bee Honey Kosher certified by KSA. They have a new palmetto honey

      La Pain des Fleurs organic crispbreads. Kosher certified by OK pareve. flavors: buckwheat, chestnut or quinoa. I tried the buckwheat-it was really great


      Pretzel Perfection Kosher certified by OU (I think) Flavors like spicy cherry pistachio, salted caramel, as well as gluten free twice baked pretzel sticks with flavors like lemon toffee, chipotle bbq and tomato basil

      Cosmos Creations Kosher certified by Kof-K Heavenly Morsels of Baked Corn Creations
      Gluten Free • Trans Fat Free • Non-GMO Corn • No Kernels • No Hulls
      Flavors: cinnamon, salted caramel and sea salt and butter

      479 degrees popcorn Kosher certified by kof-K some pareve some dairy. Flavors include: farmer market herbs, sea salt caramel, chipotle caramel and pumpkin seeds and White cheddar and black truffle. This company is a silver award winner at fancy food show in the last few years.

      Cooking sauces/products
      Viva Italia Kosher certified by OU Bruschettas, pastas and Arborio rice

      Saffron Road Simmer sauces that come in pouches. Kosher certified by Kof-K DE. New flavors: korma, thai red curry and harissa.

      Crockpot warm dips Kosher certified by OU dairy. Warm dips. Flavors include Roasted garlic and red pepper, spinach and artichoke, southwest Santa Fe and Supreme pizza

      Olia Certified kosher by Rabbi Shaul Achrak, Chief Rabbi of Ness Ziona. Besides olive oils they had a great Lime Mousse with Garlic and Basil
      The basil makes this zesty and airy mousse especially sophisticated and the garlic gives it extra bite. Lime Mousse with Honey and Mint
      Fresh, zesty and slightly sweet, this airy delicacy is a cook's best friend and a wonderful culinary secret. And Tomato Caviar with Roasted Mustard Seeds
      Our new and addictive savory delicacy of sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, pickled limes and roasted mustard seeds. Definitely different

      Cheribundi drinks Kosher certified by OU. Cherry with flavors like cherry lemonade, cherry pomegranate, cherry raspberry. Also cherry teas with flavors like cherry jasmine, cherry green tea and cherry rooibos

      Purity organic Kosher certified by OU. Organic lemonade, strawberry lemonade, peach, and teas like peach black tea, honey green tea and raspberry black tea. Loved the lemonade

      Tea Forte soon all items will be certified Kof-K

      City Bakery. Kosher certified tbd Hot chocolate in tetrapack either milk or dark chocolate. It is pourable and is silky rich and ready to heat

      Ayala Herbal Tea Certified kosher by OU. Flavors include Nutmeg cacao nibs cardamom, chamomile bergamot vanilla and rooibos cinnamon rose petals.

      Terra Delyssa organic olive oil from Tunisia Certified kosher by Star-K-kosher for Passover too Regular and flavored olive oils.


      Saltworks Kosher certified by OU. All smoked salts are now kosher certified

      The Spice Lab Kosher certified by ? Beautiful gift items

      Ice cream

      Graeters ice cream. Kosher certified by star D. New flavors: peach and salted caramel

      Steve’s ice Cream Kosher certified by star D Our current owner, David Stein, worked at one of the original Steve’s Ice Cream shops, so he understands that flavor revolutions really do start in small batches. Back then, David was just a college student with a summer job. But as time went on, memories of Steve’s – the close community of regulars and the thrill of creating a truly original and delicious new flavor– stayed with him. So when he was given the opportunity to take over and rebuild the Steve’s brand nearly forty years later, he jumped at the chance.
      He moved us to Brooklyn, the new frontier of food, and we’ve been cranking out our best ice creams, non-dairy ice creams, and sorbets yet. We still use “mix-ins” but now they’re a little more grown-up, with fresh, natural ingredients, and to create our signature flavors, we work directly with some of the most innovative and inspired artisans around. It took a while, but small-batch has finally gone big time. And that’s pretty sweet.
      Flavors include: salty caramel, Strawberry ricotta and southern banana pudding


      Miss Jenny’s Pickles Kosher certified by ? flavors: salt and pepper, jalapeno salt and pepper, habanero bread and butter pickles.

      Safies Kosher certified by OU. Pickled beets, cucumbers, peppers and asparagus,

      that';s all for now. I did the whole show in 1 day so I did not get to see everything

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          Wow, thanks for posting this!

          We've had the Rufus Teague BBQ sauce. I personally don't eat BBQ sauce, but my husband loved it.

          GoGo squeeze packets are popular in my house- we get them at Costco.

          Looking forward to trying Steve's ice cream

          1. re: koshergourmetmart

            Thanks for the lowdown. The Saffron Road sauces that have previously been available are a pretty good convenience product so I'm looking forward to trying the additions to the line. They work well as cooking sauces for tofu, fish and beans.

            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              A client recently sent us a gift basket of Dancing Deer cookies which were really exceptional.