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Jun 30, 2013 04:06 PM

Help with a Dinner Place Next Wednesday

My sweetie and I must be at Emory Hospital next Wednesday July 3 and will be finished around 4:30-5. Our route home is 85 Northeast then 985 and beyond. I expect traffic then to be really miserable (the day before a 4-day July 4 weekend), so we thought maybe it's best to lay low and have dinner somewhere and let traffic thin out. Can anyone suggest someplace nice, but casual, somewhere easily accessible from Emory and headed in a northeasterly direction where we can have a good meal? Anything would be OK, except that she is celiac so cannot eat gluten, so it needs to be someplace that can handle that (no pizza, no pasta, no sandwich, no fried food with flour crust, etc). I suppose we could make our way up to the Buckhead area, but that too may be a job at that hour, so something closer would be nice. Thoughts?

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  1. I would not go near Buckhead. Decatur has several good places and getting there might not be too bad. Leons, 246 (loud), Cafe Alsace (quiet). Colbeh. Near N. Decatur and Clairemont are Bojanic (Indian fusion), Capozzis (italian). Further north on Clairemont is Himalayan Spice (Nepalese) and Desta (Ethiopian). Two blocks north of that is Violette ( very nice French).

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      we really like violettes its pretty easy to get to from Emory--and its like 2 blocks from 85 for when you go home they have a nice deck too--prices are reasonable,,my fav is beef bourgeonon.Cafe Alsace is good too, but i think its in the wrong direction for where youre going--check it out

    2. Closest to you may be Emery Point - the General Muir (deli) and Bonefish Grill (chain buit I don't hink it's too bad) might be options for you.

      1. Thanks to you folks who made restaurant suggestions. As it went, a quick view of Apple/Google maps showed traffic wasn't any different from a normal day (maybe due to the rain so lots of folks decided not to go away for the weekend?) so we decided to high-tail it out of town and get home. It went well except the usual backups at the 85-285. But we'll keep your suggestions in mind for future trips. Would especially like to try Violette's some day.