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Jun 30, 2013 03:50 PM

Any suggestions about food near Estes Park/ Denver

We will be in Denver (Littleton area for 2 days and in Estes Park area for 4 days July 18th. Any suggestions for restaurants, food trucks, etc. I have read previous posts.

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  1. I recently ate at a great breakfast/lunch spot in Littleton, called Toast. I ate for lunch on a weekday and it wasn't too crowded, I would guess it's the type of place that gets packed for weekend brunch though, especially since it's not very big and their parking lot is tiny. But both my mom and I really enjoyed our sandwich lunches.

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        You're welcome, sorry I'm not more help. I work near Littleton but live on the polar opposite side of metro Denver (north and a bit west of the airport!).

        Old Town Littleton (on Littleton Blvd. east of Bowles) is quite charming though, with lots of restaurants, some are local chains, others are local owned. There's also a Penzey's and a Savory Spice Shop if that's your thing too :) It's all a very "Main Street USA" vibe down there. If I didn't live where I currently live I would live over there.

    1. What kind of food are you looking for?

      In Denver, I am a huge fan of Fruition for fancy dinner. I personally feel they are the best restaurant in Denver. Maybe a 15 - 30 minute drive from Littleton, depending on the time of day.

      If you go through Longmont on your way to Estes Park, I also recommend the Pump House, which is standard brewpub food, but done pretty well.