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Jun 30, 2013 03:36 PM

Pozole in SW Detroit (or elsewhere in the area)

Made the disagreeable discovery that El Barzón has basically eliminated pozole from its menu. (There's a small appetizer size, green chicken only, no garnishes.) I see where they're coming from—they just installed a snazzy patio, and they want to push people toward more expensive entrees. But I love pozole and often take visiting foreigners to eat it—it's truly a flavor unique to the Western hemisphere. Who else does pozole especially well around here?

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    1. Found one place: Taquería Lupita on Vernor. One choice—pork, red—but it had the authentic flavor. Served with raw onions and cabbage; the latter I think is a bit unusual.

      1. Not Detroit, but Tmaz in Ann Arbor at Packard and Platt does a good looking pozole.

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          Tmaz pozole is serviceable, but not quite right (ie El Barzon). I had some recently--a nice red broth, but with huge hunks of beef. Pozole generally is served with pork. The fixings were also lacking. Oregano & lime, yes. Radish slices, totopos or chicacharon, no.

          One nice thing about Tmaz is that the pozole is available in 3 sizes.

        2. Los Alto's has the very best authentic traditional red Pozole in the state. I always get the Grande Pozole which give me some to take home. Everyday all day on the menu.Not only can you get the 2 taco lunch special for only $ 3 you can have a beer or mixed drink with your meal deal. Just love the grande Pozole the very best in and around town I tell you.. The mega platter of sauces with chips come to your table as you take a seat with all the dips and spreads you'll ever need to use. Always fast friendly service with a smile makes this me favorite of dozens in and around the Mexican Town area. You must try them and you'll be a regular like me and thousands around town.

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            Thank you so much. Looks great. I'm headed there ASAP.