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Brunch at Terranea

lil mikey Jun 30, 2013 02:32 PM

Getting there early is key, as you get your choice of outside tables (best under an umbrella). The view is wonderful, with pods of dolphins jumping in the sea out front.

Smoked fish board has trout, salmon and whitefish, along with mini housemade bagels, a housemade cream cheese mixture and housemade fish spread, along with sliced onions, etc. A small board can be shared by two, or is a meal for one. This is a relatively healthy breakfast.

The opposite on the health front, but utterly delicious is the “Green Eggs & Ham”. This is a piece toast upon which a half-inch-thick pork belly steak is fitted, over-which is melted cheese, two sunny-side eggs and a house-made green gremolata. I think my heart started racing a little bit at the cholesterol infusion, but every bite was a real treat.

Honey Greek yogurt with berries was in fact Berries with honey Greek yogurt, as the yogurt was a thin layer covered with a fairly large pile of fresh raspberries, strawberries and blackberries.

The whole thing, with coffee was about $50 for two… a bargain for the setting and service.