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Jun 30, 2013 02:09 PM

Want to Avoid Conference Dining

I am coming in for a conference in late July, we are staying at the Sheraton and the conference at the McCormick Place. (Pain in the butt planning...) I really hate conference food and am looking for some quick snack/lunch/bakery ideas within walking distance of hotel and/or McCormick that are special and different. High/low doesn't matter just good.
Also a great food dinner for 4 (short cab ride is fine)
Good food/fun atmosphere for 7
Early brunch rec for 4.

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  1. There's nothing decent within a short walking distance of McCormick Place. Chinatown is about 3/4 mile away, and that's the closest.

    Right near the downtown Sheraton is Fox & Obel, our premier gourmet grocery store. Go there and pick up some baked goods and prepared foods (including salads, sandwiches, etc) to take to McCormick Place with you.

    There are lots of great places within walking distance of the Sheraton for your meals for 4 and for 7. These include Sable (small plates, contemporary American, craft cocktails), GT Fish & Oyster (small plates, seafood, craft cocktails), Mercat a la Planxa (tapas), Piccolo Sogno Due (Italian), David Burke's Primehouse (steaks), Naha (finer dining), and TRU (high-end fine dining). The small plates and tapas places may be a bit more appropriate for your "fun atmosphere" meal. All of these accept reservations in advance, including on , and making them is a good idea. If you're eating at a true off hour (mid-afternoon, or past 10 pm), another good place is the Purple Pig (small plates Mediterranean), but they don't accept reservations and waits to be seated at mealtimes are often over two hours. You can also get deep-dish pizza, our local specialty, at the original Uno and Due, or Lou Malnati's (on Wells), or Pizano's (either on Madison or on State).

    For breakfast, check out the buffet at LB Bistro, inside the Sheraton. It's run by a world pastry chef winner, and has some unusual items. For brunch near the hotel, if it's a Sunday and your group enjoys seafood, the all-you-can-eat buffet brunch at Shaw's Crab House is fantastic. Yolk is a breakfast-specialty restaurant that's pretty good and has a location at Grand and McClurg near the hotel.

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