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Jun 30, 2013 01:30 PM

Ideas for easy lunches: 1 adult and 4yo

Dh will be at home having lunch with 4yo for a while. Although he knows how to follow a recipe, he understandably doesn't want to get too complicated for lunch. Any ideas I can provide, preferably that translate to picnic fare, without relying too much on cold cuts?

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  1. is the kid a picky eater?

    roast chicken legs.

    chicken/tuna salad

    grape or cherry tomatoes and baby carrots as sides.

    ants on a log.

    hard-boiled eggs/deviled eggs.

    hummus wraps.

    cous cous or orzo tossed with vinaigrette, fresh herbs, bits of left-over dinner meat or tinned tuna/salmon/scrambled eggs.

    kitchen sink fried rice.

    fritatta muffins --cheese, veggies of choice.


    yogurt with fruit/cereal/granola.

    nothing wrong with quality cold cuts, or you can roast your own eye of round for roast beef or a turkey breast.

    1. leftovers and sandwiches are lunches around here. One adult, one 5 year old, one 4 year old, and a baby.