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lunch with 11 year old between met and nat history

my friend is here from hawaii with her 11 year old daughter. We are trying to go see egypt at met, have lunch, and then they will go to natural history. they are broke so i will probably buy, so no 50 a plate for lunch. Any recommendations would help. I want to be able to sit down, breathe air conditioning, and go to the bathroom, fast food is OK, food type doesnt matter as long as it is good. thanks for the help, oh and i need to go tomorrow, July first, yes the met is open mondays starting july 1. sorry or the short notice

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  1. Le Pain Quotidian on Madison btw 84th and 85th.

    1. There is a Restaurant Uno right behind the Natural History museum that has lunch specials, clean bathrooms, and good air conditioning. Definitely kid friendly.

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          The problem with Shake Shack is that the lines are long. may or may not be a good choice if the child is made to stand in line for 30 plus minutes.

        2. On the Met side of the park, you might consider Joy Burger Bar.

          But honestly, I think Shake Shack (previously mentioned) is probably your best bet in/around the two museums.

          1. Uno


            81st and Columbus, right across from the Museum of Natural History

            very easy to get to from the Met. Take the M79 crosstown bus. get on at 79th & Fifth, get off 2 stops later (across the Park) at 81st & Columbus. You will need exact change for the bus — $2.50 per person OR a MetroCard.

            1. It may be beyond your price range, daisy, and other 'hounds might complain it's too much of a tourist trap, but I've always liked the Loeb Boathouse -beautiful space and the location suits your needs pretty well.

              Here: http://www.thecentralparkboathouse.co...

              EDIT: I see I missed your deadline; oops.

              1. Check out cafe and other dining venues within the Met.

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                  Good idea; and maybe someone can generate a thread here judging museum eats around the city as a whole -or a local journalist can pick up the idea and run with it (more likely).

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                    Met museum eats: skip the food!! Head to the roof in the summer for an overpriced crappy drink at sunset
                    Moma: best museum cafe EVER with lots of fresh/seasonal and vegetarian options
                    Neue galerie: cafe sabarsky, no museum admission needed, great vienesse pasteries and coffees, $$$ and worth it

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                      Thanks, ttrock (you're not related to the other tt-poster, are you?)
                      Anyway, three museums down, and what? 25+ to go.

                      (P.S. I like the Sabarsky too, but disagree that it's worth the $$$. I really think they're just exploiting the cachet of their address -where else is nearby enough to compete?- and that the space and what they serve there doesn't merit the shakedown.)

                2. Also near Nat History - Cafe Frida, very serviceable tacos and the like. Harry's Burritos is at 70th and Columbus for a budget friendly gut bomb.

                  1. Where did you end up going?

                    1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Unfortunately my friend did not want to leave the museum, so we ate downstairs in the café. I ate a big salad, it was ok, not a bad option in a museum. but I always like to have a "foodie" experience in the city. For I splurge I had a black and white from Greenberg bakery on the way back to the train. Thanks again for all the help, sorry I did not reply sooner.