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Jun 30, 2013 12:27 PM


I am getting married in December, and we want to have a croquembouche for a wedding cake. I got a quote from one baker at, but the photos that she sent me of her previous work were very lacklustre. Any suggestions on a patissiere who could make us a beautiful croquembouche?

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  1. Talk to Madeleine at The Flaky Tart.

    1. La Cigogne on Bayview is known for them. Don't know if they
      deliver and you'd probably want that on the day.

      1. Rahier offers two types of croquembouche, the traditional one being far better than the squatter, more elaborate version.

        1. What a cool selection for a wedding cake!

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          1. re: stephen

            ive only ever made 2. first time for my sisters wedding (pictured below) and for a good friends wedding. it is quite the challenge to make it look uniform and balanced.

            - khao san road

          2. You could also inquire at Dessert Trends on Harbord. They do excellent work.