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Aug 22, 2003 08:25 PM

Bienvenidos Restaurant: Fort Stockton: Best Mex I've EVER had!

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Has anyone else been blown away with the Mexican food at Bienvenidos, Fort Stockton? Many years ago we stopped for a meal there by chance on a cross country trip. The food was sensational!!! This was the Mexican fare I've always dreamed about.

I was so taken away, I begged my wife to remain a few days and take all our meals here. She took my picture in front of the restaurant and shooed my back to the interstate. Being from N.Y.C. I have not had the opportunity to return to this wonderful place. It was one of the best dining experiences I've ever had.

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  1. Well, if you think Bienvenidos is good, next time you're through Ft. Stockton, try Sarah's Cafe at 106 S. Nelson St. It's a bit off the beaten path which is why, on previous cross-country stopovers, we'd also eaten at Bienvenidos. I thought it was just o.k. on the first visit a year and a half ago, but on our last stop there about a year ago, my meal was barely edible. Thus, this last time we were that way in July, we sought out Sarah's, thanks to a recommendation on this board. Not only were the owners charming, but the Mexican food brought back all my favorite chow memories of growing up in West Texas. Try Sarah's next time you're through--and take the time to drive through the surrounding historic district as it's interesting as well. Sarah's has been in business since 1929 so others must also think they're doing something right!

    1. Bienvenidos, as of the end of 2007, is quite good, and a had a good local crowd (half tex, half mex). I had something in green sauce that was tasty but very very hot.

      With sadness, I note that, as of December 2007, Sarah's Cafe was closed and for sale.