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Jun 30, 2013 09:49 AM

Farmers markets

Can any one suggest a great farmers market? Preferably in the central part of New Jersey

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        1. there is a nice one in Somerville on thursdays

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            Thanks so much. Would you know the location?

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              It is located on Grove Street, between Main and East High St. It is open from Noon to 6pm on Thursdays.

            1. re: JenniS

              Samaha's is a produce store, not a farmers' market.

              To me a farmers' market is a market where local farmers bring their products. While some of what Samhara's has may be local, I don't think those big piles of cantaloupes were grown in New Jersey. In fact, most of the produce is stickered as having coming from other states (or countries).

            2. "Central part of New Jersey" covers a fair bit of territory, and everyone has their own definition. If yours includes Hunterdon County, or you just want to take a drive on a Sunday morning, check out the Hunterdon Land Trust's farmers market in Flemington, at Dvoor's Farm (Route 12). Here's a list of vendors:

              Still further west (but still central NJ by some definitions) is the Stockton Market, an indoor farmers market. I have not been there personally, but I've seen others on CH recommend it, and Stockton is a great little river town not far from Lambertville:

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                I can certainly recommend Stockton's Farmer's Market, but it really is more of a general market. What I mean is that 1) it is indoors, has a lot of prepared foods, there are probably only two or three produce folks represented there, good fish monger, bbq place, baked goods, crafts, cafe, several meat purveyors. And to top it all off, it is open year round. Parking is relatively easy there (street, or you can drive about three blocks away and park at the firehouse... ).

              2. Rt. 28 Farmers Market in Middlesex Borough is good. I go there a lot for my produce. They have a fish market and a polish deli that are owned seperate. I never purchased from the deli but frequent the fish market. Somerset Farms in Rt. 22 Is good as well as Bardy Farms in Warren. Note that I have not been to Bardy Farms in a while.