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Jun 30, 2013 09:25 AM

Good, easy appetizer to go with a specific cocktail?

Heading to a friends house tonight and my contribution, upon request, is a pitcher of Cucumber Coolers: Hendricks gin, St Germaine, fresh lime juice and mint, garnished with cucumbers. I want bring a fun but easy app that will compliment it.

I keep leaning towards something crunchy and/or spicy. My husband is leaning towards something with smoked salmon/dill.

So far I have thought about:

-a spicy white bean and chorizo dip with endive and toast points.
-pumpernickel toasts topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and fresh dill
-honey mustard palmiers

Anybody have some suggestions?

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  1. i had this cocktail last night!

    both the hendrick's and the st. germaine have relatively delicate flavor profiles, so i think the chorizo, or any kind of super-assertive flavor, might be a bit much.

    shrimp toasts would be great. they can be made and assembled then just run under the broiler at your friend's.

    instead of smoked salmon, maybe just salmon mousse?

    have fun!

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      Aren't they great?? They have become a summer staple around here for the past few years. one of the best uses for St Germaine, IMHO.

      Like the idea of shrimp toast. Do you think they could be broiled instead of fried? It is damn hot in my kitchen already!

      1. re: foodieX2

        it was over 90 here yesterday and when out to dinner with friends it was simply too hot for wine. that cocktail was perfect.

        yes, they can absolutely be broiled. slightly less greasy goodness, but still delish.

    2. Is this to go with cocktails or a first course to dinner?

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      1. How do you make your Cucumber Cooler? It sounds great. I love all the ingredients, I'm just not sure of the amounts of each. Also, do you muddle both mint and cucumber or just use them as a garnish?

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        1. re: brandygirl

          i like to muddle the cuke and mint -- do it with a splash of the st. germaine for better results. add ice to the glass. squeeze in 1/2 a fresh lime. adjust the hendricks and st. germaine to taste. start at 3:1 ratio. shakeshakeshake. strain into a cocktail glass.

          1. re: brandygirl

            Ok- here are the rough amounts. I make them by the pitcher so if so you can do as "parts". This is from memory but the original recipe came from the Hendricks site.

            2 oz of Hendricks
            1/2 oz St Germain
            1/2 oz fresh lime juice
            1 TBS simple syrup (optional )
            fresh mint leave
            club soda/seltzer
            thinly sliced cucumber

            I lightly muddle, or rather bruise, the mint leaves in the liquids then top with splash of club soda, after shaking it well in a cocktail shaker and garnish with cucumber.

            ETA- best discovery ever! Tervis Tumbler shaker top. Into my beach bag it goes and wallah! Cocktails at the beach that stay cold.

            1. re: foodieX2

              Thanks hotoynoodle and foodieX2. I will replenish my Hendricks ASAP for this one!

              1. re: brandygirl

                sounds like i prefer mine less sweet than foodiex2, so play around and find how you like it.

                perfect summer drink.

                muddled melon, like cantaloupe or watermelon, works too.


              2. re: foodieX2

                Yum! I have some Hendricks and I love anything with elderflowers. Perfect excuse to buy a pretty bottle for my drinks trolley.

            2. Could you please make the white bean dip for me? I'll have the salmon toasts too, but I'm passing on the honey mustard. Thank you.

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              1. Something seafood. Beat would be icy littlenecks on the half shell. Or clams Casino. Or marinated seafood salad in a tasting spoon (love those tasting spoons...). Smoked fish (trout, mackerel, etc) pâté.

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                1. re: rjbh20

                  alas my husband is allergic for shellfish. I am the only shellfish/lobster/etc eater in the house

                  If not the smoked salmon toasts what about a halibut ceviche? I usually make it with lime juice, fresh ginger, hot peppers and some flat leaf parsley for color. Would that be too assertive with the drink?

                  1. re: foodieX2

                    sorry, didn't know you had a shellfish restriction. :(

                    i think the high acid nature of the ceviche might be too much on top of the cocktail. but try a quick whiz in the food pro, with the fish, ginger, lime zest, chilies and cilantro. lay a cilantro leaf on top of a rice paper wrapper and make a bunch of bundles. sear them quickly in a hot pan and they are great little bite-lets, even at room temp.

                    like this:


                    1. re: hotoynoodle

                      Those look really good! We are T minus 60 and I just got out of the shower, yikes! I think I will leave a little early and pick up some halibut for those, one is not cilantro eater (gets that soapy taste) so will use flat leaf parsley along with ginger and chilies, all which I have on hand and make them there. Thankfully these are good friends who don't mind me talking over their kitchen for a few minutes.

                      And to appease the darling man I will also get a nice hunk of smoked salmon. I some have creme fraiche on hand and dill in the garden so we will have that too, on pumpernickel. Geesh, he is like a dog with a bone when he get and idea in his head!

                      1. re: foodieX2

                        have fun! i just made a salmon and preserved lemon aioli version of these which were delish and a big hit with my friends.