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Jun 30, 2013 09:22 AM

Miami 'hound in Seattle - first time in ~8 years

We've been to Seattle a couple times previously but most visits were nearly a decade ago. I've made an effort to update my antiquated list, including doing some homework here - this thread started by a fellow Floridian was particularly helpful ->

We will likely have about 4-5 days in Seattle in August, and what we like to find is places that are using local ingredients and flavors in new and creative ways. Having said that, really great examples of just about any style - new, old, local, exotic - are always welcome

On prior visits we've enjoyed Tom Douglas' places (Dahlia Lounge, Lola, Etta's), Chez Shea (now closed), Top Pot Doughnuts, and exploring Pike Place Market and the vendors in the market and on the street alongside the market. But there's clearly a lot new since my last visit.

My current list, in rough order of interest:
- Canlis
- Bar Sajor
- Sitka & Spruce (would likely do one or the other w Bar Sajor
)- The Walrus & the Carpenter
- Tsukushinbo (strong recommendation from a friend who visits often)
- How to Cook a Wolf
- Book Bindery
- Ma'Ono
- Tilth
- Toulouse Petit
- Serious Biscuit
- Salumi (lunch)
- Lark
-Mistral Kitchen

Would welcome thoughts on additions to or subtractions from that list, and reordering of preferences.

- good breakfast / lunch options
- day-trip excursions with good food destinations (we will be heading to Willows Inn on Lummi Island after Seattle and suggestions for anything along the way are very welcome).

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  1. Will you have a car? Several of the places you listed will be much easier to access with one.

    I'd rather go to Marination Ma Kai than Ma'Ono pretty much any day. Both with Hawaiian influence, both make fine cocktails, but Ma Kai trades upscale slickness for much lower prices and an unbeatable setting on the water. Bonus: you can get there by water taxi from downtown, avoiding the drive to West Seattle (it's directly adjacent to the west seattle water taxi dock.)

    Serious Biscuit is an expensive breakfast sandwich. That said, they used to have an tuesday special that was housemade ricotta with cucumber on a biscuit that I used to eat every week when I worked in that neighborhood.

    I'd make room for Quinn's, an outstanding gastropub that wasn't around 8 years ago, over one of Toulouse Petit, Lark, or Mistral Kitchen, as I think it's better than any of them.

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    1. re: terrier

      Yes we will have a car so are not geographically restricted.

      1. re: Frodnesor

        If you do go to Ma'Ono, make sure to order a bird in advance to ensure you get one. It is the reason to go there.

        If you like Thai food, I HIGHLY recommend Little Uncle.

        And I recently went to Willows Inn and it is a fantastic experience - enjoy!! Here is a discussion I started about it.

    2. Hey, Frodnesor! Good to see you on here.

      I still have my old thread bookmarked, and I'm thrilled about returning to Seattle in a few weeks. I can tell you that my wife and I loved Toulouse Petit, the 5 Point Cafe, and most places we tried in Pike Place Market. Have fun on your trip!

      1. Be sure to make a reservation at Tsukushinbo. Very difficuolt nowadays to get in without one.

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        1. re: PAO

          Really? Weird. On Ramen day, or any day?

          1. re: equinoise

            IME, it's best to have a reservation if you are going for dinner. I don't think they take reservations for lunch (including Ramen day).

        2. I definitely support the Walrus & Carpenter and Serious Biscuit choices (I like the bacon/fried green tomato biscuit best). For breakfast I also recommend Skillet on Capitol Hill.

          1. Love Love Love - the Walrus & the Carpenter, also same owners not quite as charming but can be a little easier to get into is The Whale Wins.

            Take a Ferry out to Bainbridge and try out Hitchcock (its walkable from the ferry if you dont want to take your car). Recommend dinner there, lunch is deli counter (and also good too though).

            Cant beat Paseo's for a delicious, garlicky, messy sandwich (I prefer the one in Ballard its less crowded - and you can take your sandwich to the beach or the Locks to enjoy)

            If you are heading through Bellingham on the way to Lummi - Boundary Bay has a pretty decent menu (its a brewery). Their beer is great! Their IPA is our favorite "local" IPA.