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Jun 30, 2013 09:06 AM

4 Dinners in Miami, help with my choices please

Hello, I'm taking my first trip to South Beach (staying at The Standard) and have decided on Ola, Bazzar and Alta Mere but am having a hard time choosing my last restaurant. I am vacillating between Zuma, Francesco's and Mitchy's. I love seafood and ceviche, I live in NY so do not care to try Miami outpost of restaurants I have locally. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I would do Tuyo and Michy's. In your case I would do Tuyo over any restaurant you picked.

    You could also do florida cookery.

    You should also go to my ceviche which is a takeout place on the beach.

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      If you want to do the sushi route do Naoe. Your japanese and sushi options for seafood are better in nyc if you go anywhere else.

    2. Michael's Genuine should be on your list for sure. I also like the Dutch, the dining area outside is lovely, and great food as well. Lively bar after.

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          But I bet the one in NYC doesn't have an outdoor dining area like the one in South Beach! It is a really pretty spot for dinner,and Michael's Genuine has the whole red snapper, which is superb, not to mention all the other interesting items on their menu.

      1. Maybe if you can tell us why you chose the places you did, it could assist in recommending other places you'd enjoy.

        1. I think that Michael's Genuine would be the place to go. Great food, good wine list and wonderful desserts. Another thought would be Yardbird.

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            I don't recall michael's having a wide selection of seafood and do not recall them offering ceviche there.

          2. Eliminating NY options and Ola I'd go with two of the following, The Cypress Room, Michael's Genuine, Restaurant Michael Schwartz, Michy's, Macchialina, neMesis and Tongue and Cheek. You cam't go wrong with that group.

            TP, I don't believe Wessel is in the kitchen at FC any more so I can't recommend it. Same with Tuyo minus Brana.

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              Did not know that about FC and Tuyo.

              Ola is not my favorite but their ceviches are really good so the op might really enjoy the place.

              I might do river oyster bar or edge steakhouse over the options you chose, not because I think they are better but because they have wider selections of seafood.

              Of course if you want to go all out on sushi there is always NAOE which is the best restaurant in miami.