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Jun 30, 2013 06:22 AM

Spoilers for cooking competition shows - do you read them? Does it affect how you watch the show?

This season we've already had a major spoiler on Masterchef where the top 5 were revealed. We've also now had a spoiler where you can find out who goes home on Next Food Network Star online tonight before the show ever airs.
1) Do you read spoilers before watching a show?
2) Do you purposely avoid all spoilers?
3) If you did watch a spoiler does it affect how you watch the show?
I admit to being a spoiler reader. On a spoiler that happens early in the season (like Masterchef) I think it does affect how I watch ... but more so in how I view the editing and plotting by the producers.

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  1. No it does not bother me, I watch everything via torrents so some times I have to wait for an uploader So sometimes depending on the show and country there is a few day delay. I agree with you that it does make you look at the you know "x" is going home and the first interview is them talking about how much the competition means to tham

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      I also have to stream shows from abroad - which definitely makes looking at spoilers differently. A show like Masterchef Australia where I'm more invested in the "drama" of the show, I'm less likely to seek spoilers whereas Masterchef US, where I often can't stomach watching entire episodes, I'll seek out spoilers.

      But for reality competition shows, I usually always cheat and find out who wins to determine whether or not I want to watch the episode. I rarely find finals to be so interesting, and feel no interest in watching if I'm ultimately going to be disappointed.

    2. Spoilers don't bother me . . . I don't go out of my way to avoid or find spoilers. Like you, I probably notice the editing\production more than I normally would. I did get a bit annoyed at Top Chef Masters first season as the winner was leaked before the first episode even aired.