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Off the radar restaurants in Paris?

I am going on a last minute trip to Paris this week. All the great, welll-known restaurants frequently discussed on this board are fully booked. Any recommendations for some good, off the radar restaurants that might still have last minute availability ? Thanks !!

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  1. Our find in April is superb. Le Saotico on Rue Richelieu. Dine upstairs. Food and service both impeccable and on par with many of our Michelin starred experiences in recent years. Lunch for 4 with 2 bottles of wine was 230E.

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      Thank you! That's exactly the type of recommendation I am looking for. Will definitely go there.

    2. As yet undiscovered/undiscussed here:
      Hugo Desnoyer in the 16th
      Petit Champarret
      Les Premises
      Felicity Lemon
      Les Climats
      La Gagnage
      La Verre Moutarde
      that should start your search off.

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        An update on Le Verre Moutarde, Christophe Ledoux (ex-Pre Verre) & Mathieu Desmoulins have a new (6-7 months) chef one Olivier Ferrel who has an interesting menu aka carte. Our meals today, for another blogger and I and our spice, were challenging and for me most successful.
        As for the other places I listed above, in the last 9 months most have by now been discovered if not ruined by fellow pesky Yankees who with the New York Times set out to make for bad hair days in town.
        But not at le Verre Moutarde, - "Oh Jim, it's so far out."

      2. I can vouch for 2 of the above recommendations, having recently been to both of them twice; Les Premices and Saotica.

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          Saotico is nice too - a 5.5 on the Talbo-meter on Aug 31, 2010 but Premices is a 7.5
          By the bye Nyc_mom your post is one of the few interesting ones that get us thinking/posting out of the box and not just repeating either the Frenchie, Septime, Spring, Chez L'A J, etc etc litany or answering "Where can a vegan and carnivore eat near my hotel at 11h30 on a Sunday?" questions.

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            Except there is such an abundance of choice, how do we begin to answer such a question ? Maybe the OP can let us know her food/ style preferences, location, budget, trendy or old fogey, etc so we can be sharpshooters rather than shotgun blasters ?

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              OP: good question! We are pretty flexible on location (we are staying in the 8th, but dont mind getting to different areas) and lucklily budget is not an issue. We are looking for some great meals that don't necessarily have to be "the best" in Paris. I just don't want to waste our 3 days there eating mediocre meals at places recommended by the concierge. Even though I'm middle aged, young and trendy sounds better than old fogey to me!

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                I guess I foolishly thought the OP could do some digging.

          2. Ober-salé in the 11th should definitely have some openings, as will Bistrot Paul Bert. You could have lunch (or arrive early for dinner) at Pierre Sang Boyer (no reservations). You could do the same thing at Frenchie Wine Bar. West Country Girl is a place you should be able to get last minute reservations. Le Baratin (in the 20th, NOT the one in the 13th) is wonderful and you can definitely call a day or two in advance. I feel like there are a lot of places that are frequently mentioned on this board that are more than likely not fully booked. Unlike New York or San Francisco, you can get into wonderful restaurants here without booking a month or even weeks ahead. Plunge deeper into the board, and ye shall find.

            1. In the 8th,
              Les 110 du Taillevent on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré @ the rue Balzac... a more democratic and less reverential off-shoot of the megabucks multi-starred Taillevent... excellent nosh (updated French classics with a few Italian options) at an incredible value for the quality... 39€ prix fixe at both lunch and dinner but reasonable à la carte too.. 110 wines by the glass and a big emphasis on food pairing... new-ish so not yet overrun by the 8th's usual bling bunch... and open 7 days a week.

              La Cave Beauvau on the rue Saussaies @ the rue Faubourg-St-Honoré ... a hole-in-the-wall bistro du quartier and much favoured by the bodyguards from the nearby Elysée Palace... neat, huh? :) ... classic, very affordable, full of character, and a taste of real life Paris... lunch Mon to Sat but dinner only Thu & Fri... get there at noon for lunch or 7 for dinner to be sure of a table

              Les Enfants Terribles on the rue Lord Byron @ rue Balzac... very chic very huitième restaurant with updated classics and contemporary presentations... the food is usually excellent but not as consistent as I would like... but I include it just in case lunch or dinner in a gorgeous second-empire townhouse with minor French celebs munching at the next table turns you on

              In the 17th,
              Caius on the rue Armaillé... I could eat her every day, I think ... very creative cuisine

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                Right on for all 4. La Cave Beauvau esp is an undiscovered beauty.

              2. Agree to all the recommendations.
                But Chowhound is the radar. No use writing to the radar for what's off radar. It is self-defeating.
                Not unlike the tons of messages asking where one could dine in restaurants where one would not hear English. What are these posters thinking when they ask us where they should go to eat well but avoid us?

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                  "What are these posters thinking when they ask us where they should go to eat well but avoid us?"

                  Love it!

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                    Um, I think the OP was simply asking for a sample of less touted restaurants outside the usual Chowhound rut where she might get last-minute rezzies... quite a sensible query, no?

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                      According to what you think, indeed.
                      According to the post title, "Off the radar restaurants in Paris?", is anything on this chowhound radar that is off the radar? Too deep a question when I'm still hung over after Spain's loss.

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                        OP: Yes! that is exactly what I was looking for and, I must say, I have been quite happy with the results of my query. These are exactly the the of restaurants I was looking for. Not exactly restaurants where I wouldn't find people like us, but good restaurants that were not necessarily so sought after. I think mission accomplished! Thank you all.

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                          "quite a sensible query, no?" Yes. Not the usual
                          How do i get into Septime, Spring, Frenchie, etc etc.
                          Do I order the Tasting menu at Gagnaire?
                          Can I wear jeans at Le Cinq?
                          Where do I eat at 11 PM in the 6th with a vegan and someone allergic to sugar?
                          What's off the radar? What hasn't the NYT touted? How do I dine with Parisians? That's OK - Today at Le Verre Moutarde for the 3rd time in as many months we ate wonderful food at wonderful prices (under 40 E withe wine and coffee) with two very soft-spoken Americans who clearly worked nearby. Under the radar but for how long? Who knows.

                      2. The restaurant l mention when this question is asked is still Le Grand Pan in the 15th. Wonderful Cotes de Porc, Veau, and Boeuf with 20 or so casks of wine in the basement at great prices.

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                          Great place as is the little sister Le Petit Pan.

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                            On recent visit, it seems the casks of wine have been replaced by a moderately serious list, their cotes de porc was stellar though.

                          2. I second the recommendation on Le Saotico. The husband and wife team was so very accommodating. We ate there in May, and pronounced it one of the best meals on our trip.
                            Also, we really liked Goust, although I know that some people on this board disagree. The wine pairings were outstanding. The food was well spiced, which we liked. Each course was a standout. The service was accommodating and warm.

                            1. This is a very useful thread to me as well, though one additional caveat: I'll be dining solo much of the time. Would you remove any of these recos accordingly and, in addition is it wise to book in advance? Thanks for advice.

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                                Despite my reputation as a hipster-manque and charmer of folks of all sexes, I eat out alone a lot.
                                There is no place mentioned above I would not eat out alone at.
                                From comments on CH, I take it that singles in NY or LA sometimes are made to feel that they are taking up tables that could be better utilized by 2 or 4. But I've never felt that here.
                                And since the topic is "off the radar" places, while the youngster Parnassien noted elsewhere that I am partial to Le Lulli, 4 of us ate today at Le Marloe and it continues to be a winner with no fellow pesky Yankees in sight.