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Jun 29, 2013 09:49 PM

What have you found in your organic greens?

I bought some organic kale today and when I pulled a couple of leaves out of the bag to wash it, a dead snail plopped on my kitchen floor (a bit ironic) Eeps. Now I'm afraid to wash the rest. :D What have you found in your fresh greens?

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  1. A little worm and some sort of small flying insect. Luckily, if you do get something, it's usually just the one and not a handful.

    If you're afraid, put all of the kale in your sink and fill it with cool water. Let it all sit for several minutes, swishing the kale occasionally. When it's finished, you can pull out the newly cleaned kale to dry and dispose of whatever mystery gunk is left. And now you've cleaned it all without doing much of anything!

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      I do hope it was the only one. I usually wash them as you've described using a big bowl, but occasionally, I'll wash few leaves at a time. I'm kind of glad I did today since I'd have had to fish the snail out. I'm feeling a bit wimpy tonight.

    2. I felt so bad...a poor little ladybug got picked, packed, refrigerated, washed, spun dry and refrigerated again before I saw her. Amazingly, she survived and was released to go about her aphid-eating way.

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        That is incredibly cool. I would so want to high-five that ladybug.

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          Those L'll suckers are tough as nails!

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            I recently found a lady bug that made all the way into the salad that I brought to work. She was almost drowned in the salad dressing before I spotted her.
            I took her all the way out of the building and she flew away. I was pretty amazed. My coworkers all got a good laugh.

            I think it is fine to find living creatures in my greens. To me it means that the greens weren't drenched in pesticides and washed in some fake chemical wash.

            1. Last week, I purchased some organic kale. When I went home to re-hydrate the entire bunch, I found over 100+ small aphids (or whatever) attached to the inner leaves. Ended up throwing the entire bunch out. Didn't want the extra protein! ;)

              1. Used to be able to have a nice sized garden here in NJ... BC... before CRITTERES took over. Grew tomatoes, green beans, cukes, eggplant, broccoli. First time I grew broccoli, neighbor advised me NOT to try to get a big head like in market... would go to flower before then. Cut center head and many more branches started growing. Just rinsed under water and cooked/ate. When I picked second batch, tossed iin sink with decent amount of water... and found 5-6 LITTLE blue-green worms... exact same color as the broccoli! Wondered how many I probably ATE on first picking!?!