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Jun 29, 2013 09:31 PM

Looking for good (or hopefully great) pizza in walnut creek area

Any suggestions for good take-out pizza in Walnut Creek or vicinity? Delivery would be fine, too, just not sit-down. Thanks.

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  1. I realize this is a chain and probably not what you are looking for - but I've always been partial to Round Table.

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    1. re: goldangl95

      Thanks, goldangl. Good to have a safe bet, and that might be what we end up with. Know anything about Pizza Antica in Lafayette?

      1. re: klo4c

        pizza and pasta are also on the menu-just average
        entrees are a better choice.

        aluminimum ovens don't provide the heat needed to make a great pizza.

    2. Two in Lafayette. Pizza Antica features thin, crisp crust with non-traditional toppings. We like the broccoli, caramelized onion and pancetta pizza and the asparagus and preserved lemon one. Good wine and beer menu. Good desserts, too.
      Paxti's allows you to chose between deep-dish and regular a more traditional pizza. They have a full bar.
      Both have outdoor seating available.

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      1. re: ola

        I actively dislike Paxti's thin crust that I've had in Palo Alto. Cocktails are not the right thing to order - they're so rarely made that the bartender has little practice. Stick to Beer/Wine and the Thick.

        There appear to be at least 70 pizza places in Walnut Creek. I notice there's a Zach's, for example, and Mountain Mike's, CPK, Extreme.

        Here are some of the non-chains, can someone help a brother out?

        Lamorinda Pizza
        Pizza My Way
        Pizza Oliva
        Pizza Guys
        Mary's Pizza Shack
        Piccolo Napoli (orinda)

        1. re: bbulkow

          Tomatina is the same quality as Pasta Pomodoro and is packed most days. Would be decent enough in a pinch - if it was ever that convenient to eat there - but there's usually a wait.