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Aug 19, 2003 07:08 PM

best pancakes in Austin

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Can you recommend the best place in Austin for pancakes? My husband is a huge pancake fan and I want to take him somewhere for his birthday. I don't really like pancakes so someplace that also serves great migas or breakfast tacos would work for me. And please some place other than Kerbey Lane. I have been less than impressed the last few times I have eaten there.

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  1. red river cafe (on medical arts near the UT campus) - has decent pancakes, but i think kerbey lane's are better.

    1. I've had good pancakes at The Omelettry, Magnolia, Austin Diner. I'd say Magnolia was the best of the three....but as far as pancakes go...I, too, think Kerbey Lane's are probably the best (although the restaurants are dirty and the service is bad).

      1. I agree with Bob. The Omelettry's are very are Katz' - plus both of these places serve them hot and fluffy, and not as heat-lamp victim.

        I am not a fan of Kerbey Lane's anymore - I used to be, but after several times trying in recent years, the service, the hygiene and the food temperature leave a lot to be desired.

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          Austin Diner has something called "Jakes Cakes" made with (i think) cottage cheese in the batter. They say "the love child of a pancake and a blintz." You can get them with ginger. Not saying that they are the best, but a little different - they have fruit on top, instead of in the mix. I like banannas and nuts mixed into the batter.

          What's up with Kerbey Lane? I only go to the original - it looks like they haven't painted in a while, and I've been hearing horrow stories regarding cleanliness at the north location.

          Doesn't Star Seeds (I35 and 32nd) have really good pancakes?

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            The Omeletterey, definately. Also, my dad and I went somewhere where they put granola in the batter, but I can't remember the place. They were great! Any help?

          2. Another vote for Magnolia Cafe.