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Jun 29, 2013 07:02 PM

Lunch and Dinner Near the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth

We are planning a trip next weekend, and I'm hoping you can help us with lunch and dinner suggestions within walking distance of the hotel. For lunch on Saturday, we are looking for somewhere with salads and sandwiches - just something light in the Old Port area. I was thinking about MuvBox/ Porchetta if the weather is good. For dinner on Saturday, we are looking for someplace reasonably priced ($20 max for entrees) near the hotel. I think my travelling companions (one of whom is 12) would prefer French bistro, Greek, really good pizza, or even fish and chips. I'd prefer to avoid chains and try to find some place with a bit of local flair. I'd appreciate any suggestions, although I realize that this might be a tall order.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Muvbox is a bit of a ripoff

    Saturday lunch in Old Montreal, try Olive et Gourmando. It is worth the 20-30 minute wait (the line moves quickly) It's best to go as early as possible as they frequently run out of certain items.

    One possibility for dinner is Brasserie T! a very Montreal french-inspired restaurant in a unique setting, about a 10 min walk or 2 metro stations from your hotel. In my opinion, it is your best option for your budget, reservation required

    1. Dont bother with Muvbox... it is a ripoff- as mentioned by catroast

      For pizza in that area I recommend Il Focolaio. I like calzone #44 with no hot peppers extra mushroom; they have over 80 choices of pizza though. Also Arlequino Pizzeria is pretty good and close.

      You will be near the dominion square tavern which is worth checking out.

      I second that T is a good option and F is good if you can't get a reservation at T.

      In the old city on your budget you can at least have lunch at Osteria Venti or Brit and Chips (great fish and chips).

      French bistro that I haven't been to in a while: Lentrecote St Jean ... its prix-fixe, close to your hotel and about 25 dollars for three courses.

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        re: brit and chips - i think their batters are too heavy, i don't consider it an example of good fish and chips. correct me if i am wrong, but there was recently a poor review of l'entrecote st-jean here recently.

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          L'entrecote St-Jean is very mediocre.

        2. Thanks for your suggestions - this will give us some solid options. For dinner, it looks like either Dominion Square Tavern or Il Focolaio. The terrace at Brasserie T looks lovely too, so it's a strong possibility if our youngest can find something she'd like on the menu. Olive et Gourmando has long been on my "to try" list, so maybe this time we'll finally get there! I've been reading about the arrival of food trucks in Montreal - are they any in the area you'd recommend if we can't get into O et G?

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            Dominion Square Tavern is 18 plus (sorry it slipped my mind at the time). I'm not really sure why it is 18 plus but whenever I call to reserve they ask if everyone is over 18...
            The food trucks are on some type of rotation explained in the 'Food Trucks 2013' thread but Square Victoria is one areas they park, which is close by. This will tell you what will be there and when

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              It's 18+ because they have a bar permit (and not a restaurant permit), which allows them to serve alcool to patrons without an obligation for them to buy a meal.

            2. re: Aurore1

              brasserie t even has a burger on the menu. surely there is something she'd eat.

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                I enjoy il focolaio but the atmosphere is horrible! It's a great place for a quick bite but would not advise for dinner.

              2. Hmmm...that's too bad about DST - I've eaten there once before and really enjoyed it. As for Il Focolaio, I was hoping for a bit of olde Montreal ambience. Brasserie T sounds like the best bet, but you know how picky kids can be ;>). The weather for the weekend is looking good - so any other suggestions for reasonably priced, family-friendly restos, maybe with a patio?

                1. Thanks again for your tips. A quick summary - we were late arriving at the hotel because we got stuck in a massive traffic jam downtown, so we did an "eat and run" in the Timmies in the train station. You know, people may mock Tim Horton's, but when you need a light, dependable meal in a hurry, you can't beat them! We couldn't get into Brasserie T for dinner, so we followed a suggestion from another post and went to Holder instead. It was quite good, although a bit expensive for our budget. Service was good and because there was a bit of a problem with one of the meals, they provided a lovely truffle plate for dessert. Lunch on Sunday was fish and chips at Poissonerie AquaMare at Jean Talon, and we quite enjoyed that as well. One suggestion for Chowhound - it would be really helpful if there was a thread that tracked affordable restaurants, especially for those travelling with children or who are on a budget. I love spending $100 for a meal at Joe Beef as much as the next foodie, but sometimes that just isn't an option, so a reliable information source would be fantastic. Cheers!

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                    There are many threads if you search for cheap eats montreal, dining with children in montreal, ethnic food in montreal, or affordable dinner in montreal. One suggestion for you, make use of the search function (no disrespect intended).

                    But I agree, it is somewhat silly that someone recommended that given that you started your budget very clearly.