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Jun 29, 2013 07:01 PM

Infused Whiskey

I have been dabbling in infused spirits. The latest has me in a bit of a dilemma: coffee date whiskey. It's lovely; smoky and dark with just the right touch of coffee and a nice caramel note from the dates. And it still tastes like whiskey. It's just a bit rough to sip straight or on the rocks... Any suggestions on mixers?

I thought it might be because its a cheaper whiskey but I used the other half in an orange anise batch and it was smooth and sippable. Just my personal guess is that the more sweet the items infused, the more it helps smooth out the bite.

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  1. Tell us your recipe so we can figure out the flavor profile to work with on suggestions.

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      I infused the coffee similar to making cold brew for about 24 hours. The dates I just chopped up and left for about a week. I recently used a little cream soda as a mixer, which worked well. I love the idea of using lillet! Awesome.

    2. I made a homemade date syrup that I mix with bourbon, lillet blanc, lemon juice and bitters and it's great. So maybe try lillet blanc, lemon juice and bitters or just a splash of lillet blanc if you just want to take away a little of the bite.

      1. Boulud Sud had a drink called the Perfect Date which was a date infused Makers Mark. I just checked the website and it doesn't appear to be on the menu anymore but it was fantastic