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My partner has got to have a special diet, and I am at a loss what to do!
He is so bored with rice and potatoes.
He can't eat, soy, dairy, eggs, yeast, and can have wheat only on occasions, meat and all sea food is restricted to just once or twice a week..I have no idea what to cook him any more!!!
We do eat rice pasta and some cheese stuff called Daiya cheese, it is made with pea protein I think?
It has to be a low purine diet Thanks for any help u can give..

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  1. Low purine diets are often recommended for gout sufferers. You may want to Google for Gout diet recipes. I'm sorry I'm not really familliar with what exactly they entail.

    Best of luck!

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      Thank you for trying, and letting me know about googling low purine diets..

    2. Might be worth asking this on the special diets board as well as here.

      I would recommend playing around with ingredients you can use. Making various soups to change up flavour combos, also making sauces and pesto's to liven up the rice dishes. Barley could perhaps be an ingredient to play with too.

      I wish I could help you out more here!

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        Thank you for the advice, I will head there now and ask..

        1. Lentils and roasted vegetables come to mind. I'd grab some vegetarian cookbooks from the library and see what you can come up with.

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            Ohhh why didn't I think of the library!! Thank you

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              see if they have World Vegetarian, by Madhur Jaffrey

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                Hi they have a few of her books, and they are for Indian cooking not vegetarian, so when I go in next I am going to see if they will get it for me, sometimes they do..
                I picked up a few others for vegetarian cooking as well, there is so many!! lol

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                I've using Mridula Baljekar's books lately. I even bought one based on trying it out from the library.

            2. The Mayo Clinic recommends the following menu plan for gout sufferers:
              Whole-grain, unsweetened cereal with skim or low-fat milk, topped with fresh fruit
              Whole-wheat toast with trans-free margarine
              100 percent fruit juice
              Lean meat, poultry or fish (2 to 3 ounces) sandwich on whole-wheat bread, with lettuce, tomato and low-fat spread
              Carrot and celery sticks, side salad or vegetable soup
              Fresh fruit, such as apple, orange or pear
              Skim or low-fat milk
              Baked or roasted chicken (2 to 3 ounces)
              Steamed vegetables
              Baked potato with low-fat sour cream
              Green salad with tomatoes and low-fat dressing
              Fresh fruit, such as berries or melon
              Nonalcoholic beverage, such as water or tea

              The entire article is here:

              Personally, I think the recommendation upthread of consulting w a registered/accredited Dietitian is the best suggestion... Good Luck w everything!

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                Thank you, yes he is going to see someone about his diet and have some tests done, we are just waiting to see someone and until then he just has to struggle through..

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                  there are more modern, recent takes on dealing with gout. the mayo clinic is mired in old news and so is much of conventional western medicine. these are the people still touting grains and low-fat to diabetics.

                  please consider other alternatives:




              2. There's a lot of info about purines on-line. Look at the low and moderate purine foods, it's not that bad, just stay away from the high purine stuff, certain fish species, beer etc. Also, taking ibuprophen helps the flair ups.

                1. Vegan soups come to mind like Carrot Ginger Soup, very creamy, flavorful and no dairy needed

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                    canned coconut milk is a good alternative to cream in many foods, just like this soup. :)

                  2. I've grown to love Beans, Lentils etc.. here's a good recipe that's very good and I think checks all the boxes?

                    Red Lentil and Carrot soup with Coconut (note: Link stolen from another CH:-)


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                      Ohhh this looks so yummy!! I am going to try this on him tonight, he loves spicy kinds of foods, I know he can't have too much spice, but this is perfect! Thank you!

                    2. How about looking into vegan Indian recipes (obviously avoiding any soy in the ingredient lists).


                      That would provide lots of flavor/nutrition while meeting most of his dietary needs. Also, possibly vegetarian Mediterranean foods, specifically things like stuffed grape leaves, veggie spreads made from eggplant and/or roasted peppers...

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                        Wow I am so glad I wrote this here, I am getting a lot of great ideas and recipes! U people are all dolls!! Thank you

                      2. PinkCooker,
                        Sorry to hear of your partner's dietary troubles! Some great ideas here. I just wanted to say that if you tend to think of a meal as protein + starch, then that may be stumping you when meal planning. I do tend to think like that. Recently we had guests who are vegetarian, highly diabetic and on a gluten free diet currently. Once I stopped thinking of protein + starch, I came up with a very workable menu:
                        Quinoa salad with plenty of veggies (diced cucumber, roasted corn, halved cherry tomatoes) and a citrus dressing
                        Pinto bean soup
                        Golden sauteed eggplant rounds with a tomato chutney and little dollops of greek yogurt.
                        Fresh fruit for dessert if anyone wanted.
                        We were all so full from this veggie and grain rich meal, no one, including kids, wanted dessert.

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                        1. re: sweetTooth

                          Thank you sweetTooth :-)
                          I love your idea, yes I do the same thing, I think of a meal the same way you do, and the menu you described sounds delicious.
                          I have never cooked eggplant before but I googled it and found a recipe I can easily adjust and do for him. For the yogurt instead of Greek, I can always use coconut yogurt.

                          1. re: PinkCooker

                            Thanks for the kind words! Ooh yes, coconut yogurt is yummy.

                        2. Do you have access to green (unripe) papayas where you are?

                          This recipe for spicy green papaya soup is awesome - and papaya is wonderful for a multitude of things, as well as reducing inflammation (the green papaya tastes nothing like the ripe papaya, it has very little flavour of its own)


                          I should add, from experience, that the coconut milk / cream you use can make a big difference. My favourites are Aroy-D, Chaokoh, and Kara. Make sure it's not the sweetened kind - those are for desserts.

                          Maybe google some vegan recipes as well (as long as they're also wheat free)

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                          1. re: ursy_ten

                            Hi we have the ripe papaya in the markets only, but I can still look around, I am determined to find some now that I read the recipe..

                            1. re: PinkCooker

                              Good luck :) You might be able to find some green papaya at an Asian supermarket, if you're lucky enough to have one in your area.

                              Often they're the best places to pick up coconut cream as well.

                          2. There is also a Special Diets board here on Chowhounds that may be helpful also.

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                              Do u have the link for it? I looked and I couldn't find it, thanks..

                              1. re: PinkCooker

                                Just check under discussion boards then under topical.

                                1. re: Hobbert

                                  Thank you, that was so obvious :-)

                            2. You could perhaps make some smoothies that are not dairy or soy based, using fruits in season as long as you do not have a restriction on acidic foods. My Dad was on a restricted protein diet, it can be complex, but we did manage, you really need to get some guidance on this issue. Soups can be filling, with a little protein to extend it.

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                              1. re: Ruthie789

                                Yes smoothies are a fantastic idea, I got the wee boys drinking them, now I just got to convince my other half to join us :-)

                                1. re: PinkCooker

                                  Another suggestions is to make hash browns of some sort, could possibly use like a meat pattie for burgers... Just a thought.

                                  1. re: Ruthie789

                                    I like this suggestion and I made a lentil burger from a recipe I got off the net, he was not too keen but he ate it and didn't complain too much :-)

                              2. You may need to do some tracking of foods to figure out what causes flare-ups for him. The list of purine-heavy foods is crazy-wide-ranging. My dude has problems with the Big Bad G, too, and one of his triggers, believe it or not, are those nice healthy legumes. Especially lentils, black-eyed peas, and garbanzos. Go figure. It seems to be different for every sufferer. It makes it VERY HARD to figure out how to circumvent flare ups! Good luck with everything, I'm off to explore some of the links provided here, too.

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                                  Thank you and yes there is so much info out there about gout and it is crazy, what effects one does not affect another!; but there are some good links here, and some good ideas.

                                  1. re: PinkCooker

                                    the internet can be the devil for info overload.

                                    a word of caution about focusing on grains and legumes: they create inflammation in many and extended insulin elevations in most, causing further problems down the line. ex post facto, gout being an issue of inflammation...

                                    for some, their issues with dairy and eggs are an intolerance to the krap nutritional profile from intensively, commercially farmed products. the garbage feed wreaks havoc with the animals. he may do fine with pastured/grass-fed.

                                    1. re: hotoynoodle

                                      Thank you for the info on grains and legumes, never thought of that!
                                      Can hardly wait to see the specialist! Then we can straighten all this out for him..