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Jun 29, 2013 04:37 PM

Ooops . . .Verizon FiOS goofs (****SPOILER ALERT****Food Network Star's next eliminated contestant revealed)

So it's hot and humid here today and after the morning Farmers' Market visit, I just didn't feel like doing anything but sit in the A/C and munch my fresh goodies. I've caught bits and pieces of FNS this season, but haven't been following it too closely. However, since one of the contestants is local, and the Market I went to this morning was just down the street from where his new restaurant is opening, I figured I'd make the afternoon a FNS marathon.

So, I watch the 4 episodes available on FiOS On Demand. (Local chef is doing great, BTW.) Then I watch the first "Star Salvation" (a total rip off of Top Chef's "Last Chance Kitchen"). Then I watch the second "Star Salvation." WTF? Viet is competing?

So I think maybe On Demand is behind in its regular episodes, but up-to-date on its Salvation episodes. So I check the FN website. Nope, Viet is featured in the next episode. So I guess I don't have to remember to watch tomorrow night.

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  1. Viet is the only one that would have a show that I would watch.....

    But he so nervous and direct with the camera that this was inevitable....

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      I loved Viet, he was such a sweetie. If I was FN, I would have let him stay to see if he could be mentored to work well on camera because he can cook (and he's a cutie . . . and much better groomed than my local chef ;)

        1. re: C. Hamster

          Meant to say that . . .I really want to try his food; it looks both beautiful and delicious.

    2. I just saw this on another website. So obviously Viet goes home -- shocker. I thought this was his to lose. (Ha. I guess it was). The real shocker to me was who was saved in the end of the Star Salvation episode. I don't have the on-demand but looked at the site ... and Lovely survives WTF?????

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      1. re: Firegoat

        Yep. Lovie and her "glam" "party on a plate" live to play another day. And if I have to hear "party on a plate" one more time, I may cancel wmy FiOS contract.

        1. re: Firegoat

          I wish I understood the weird standards by which they judge who will appear on Food Network. If we take the current "stars" and have them meet the same standards - good on air presence, culinary knowledge and tasty food they'd be left with very few folks.

          -Ree Drummond is so awkward on camera that I can not watch her.
          -Guy Fieri is a clown annoying kitchen staffs nationwide for his day job, but when he cooks on his other show, his personality is a magnified. Not good.
          -Sandra Lee - 'nuff said.

          Who does that leave? Alton, Bobby, Giada* Ina and Rachel.

          *I've never really liked Giada for some reason. She comes off as a dilettante. I think of her as The Real Housewife of Food Network.

          edited to add that I know my word choices seem odd - you all probably put Ina in the dilettante category. Really tired - going to bed now.

          1. re: MplsM ary

            I don't know. . .I have always kind of thought of Giada as a Stepford wife.

        2. I've not watched this redemption version for Next Star. Does this mean that Lovely (who on earth would choose that as their moniker?) is the only "saved" aufee?

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            1. re: gaffk

              So anybody "auffed" from here on is truly auffed? Interesting.

              1. re: pine time

                No, I think they'll keep it going. I suppose next week's auffed will compete against Lovely in the LCK--oops, I mean Salvation.

                In the first Salvation, the first four eliminated contestants competed, and Daniela and Andres were eliminated. Then in the second Salvation, Danushka and Lovely (who survived the first Salvation) and Viet competed, and Danushka and Viet were eliminated.

                So I assume either next week Lovely and the next eliminated will compete; or they'll wait two weeks and have Lovely compete against the next two auffed?

                Just my guess.

                ETA: By "yep," I meant the only "saved" to date.

                1. re: gaffk

                  They've only got 7 contestants left, how far are they going to go down before they reintroduce the eliminated player back into the game. I'm thinking not too much further, maybe after next weeks' elimination? or when there are 5 left?