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Jun 29, 2013 04:22 PM

Montepertuso (Positano)

If you could pick one of da Constantino or La Terra which would you chose?

I have ruled out La Tagliata as my wife is a veg (see eats seafood) and all the seconds seemed to be meats...


(also how bad of a drive is it from il san pietro - in that regard 15 minutes or so doesn't bother me but how winding is the drive? she is a veg who isn't a huge fan of treacherous mountainous roads..............)

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  1. I haven't tried either restaurant so can't help you out there. As for the drive, though, it's not for the squeamish. Very, very winding and narrow, even by Amalfi Coast standards. Some of the restaurants in Montepertuso provide transportation for that reason, also because parking space is limited. I would take a cab.

    1. Don't want to confuse you even further but my wife and I really enjoyed Il Ritrivo last summer. Great service, views from the outside terrace are fabulous, and the food would definitely fit the veg regime. Of your two restaurants, my suggestion would be La Terra, very rustic and passable service. Do enjoy Monterpertuso, it definitely was a highlight of our week on the Amalfi!

      1. not about food, but we did not enjoy driving in this area - both of you will be happier if you leave the driving to the local taxi and bus drivers

        You may find your wife does not need secondi - its possible to mix and share courses - in addition to the fine salads, pastas and antipasti which are generally available, the cheeses and vegetables from the land cuisine of this region are delicious -

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          thanks all - there is no way we would even drive so that isn't the issue - I am just worried about her simply being in the car - lisa's comment had me convinced it wouldn't work but now jen and johnny have me still wanting to try to go for it??!!

          jen do you have a preference of the three?

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            The road is not all that scary, just narrow and winding. If I am not mistaken, San Pietro has a shuttle service..while the trip up the mountain might be out of their area, you might inquire if they can drive you.

            We had a good meal just a bock or so from the hotel at Taverna de Leone...

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              thanks erica the shuttle is mainly to town but we don't mind a taxi - if it isn't that bad I am inclined to go for it - we are going to play by ear - as you really should in positano I think lol!

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                David, I second Erica's suggestion of Taverna di Leone, which is just down the road from ISP. We had dinner there one night after having bellini on the terrace at ISP.

                The drive up to Montepertuso would not be worth it for me - especially since you have limited time there (3 days, right?)

                1. re: ekc

                  thanks ekc...............sorry have been jammed with work

                  we actually have four dinners two of which are definitely fixed..........one at ISP and one at Next2

                  we currently are booked at La Sponda but am re-thinking for our last night.........could be one more at ISP depending on all and our son etc

                  but taverna seems perfect for our charter day.................we will have been on a boat all day and really want something relaxed............even if we order room service back at ISP I think it is still the Zass menu.........so this seems to be a grat option - grazie!!

                  off to go check.................

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                    Taverna is nice and relaxed - and so close to ISP, you could even get pizza to go and enjoy it on your room terrace. :-)

                    LMK how you like Next2. I have never been but have walked past it a number of times. One of the reasons we haven't gone is because I don't think it has a view, which I am a sucker for. But if the food is good I will try it next year when I return.

                    Have a bellini (or two) for me!

                    1. re: ekc

                      will do on all!! great idea on the take-out!

                      I just like the feel and the menu of next2 so that has been set for some time..............and apparently the owners are part of the same family that runs ISP so that should help our experience I would hope!

                      not too far off now!!!

                      1. re: davidcotyalex

                        Have a great trip David - looking forward to your report!

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