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Jun 29, 2013 03:30 PM

Fresh Carolina shrimp available in Charlotte?

I'm visiting over the upcoming holiday weekend and would like to find a seafood place that sells very fresh Carolina shrimp for a reasonable price. I'll be on the south east side of the city, so suggestions closer to South Park and Pineville would be even better. I can shop any day between Thurs. and Sat. I'd like to make it a surprise, and I know my host wouldn't have a clue even if I asked.


Edited -- I should say that I'm thinking 5 lbs., 24-32 size, never frozen, for a neighborhood party.

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  1. You have a couple of options. My favorite is the "Shrimp Man" at the Kings Drive farmer's market. I believe he's there on Fridays and Saturdays. Always fresh never frozen, caught within 24 hours and driven here to Charlotte.

    There is a fishmonger on Selwyn Ave. called "Clean Catch" which probably has them but you should call first.

    "Deep Sea Market" in Matthews should have some as well.

    Finally the Harris Teeter at Morrocroft sometimes has fresh Carolina shrimp but you need to ask and verify that they're not previously frozen.

    Be aware that fresh shrimp are not cheap this far inland. But they are good!

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      Thank you for your suggestions. I will check them out.

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        I 2nd the Deep Sea Market in Matthews. If you go a lunch time they have a great menu.

      2. Unfortunatly, I've come to feel that the Shrimp Man is not offering as fresh a product as he used to. I brought shrimp from him last year and cooked it the same day. It smelled awful as I prepped it, and tasted just as bad. My wife & I threw them out. When I was at the farmer's market the next week, I mentioned this to him. He gave me a lb. to replace it, but said, "sorry, that's what they are giving me where I buy it." Not much of an excuse in my book. When i took the shrimp home and prepped them, they smelled almost as bad as the week before. It certainly was not fresh. We tossed them again, and decided to write him off. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a new fishmonger was set up at the regional farmers market on Yorkmont. I struck up a conversation with him. He says that he only sells fish & shrimp caught at the coast. He let me smell the shrimp, the Mahi-Mahi, and the Cobia he was selling. They smelled extremely fresh. I forgot how much the shrimp cost, but the fish was $12.99/lb. When I took them home, my wife rremarked it smelled as fresh as what we would get at the coast. They all cooked up great. His website is here:

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          Thanks for your input. I'm looking at the folks in Matthews from billyjack's list as the lead contender.

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            That's too bad... I saw the stand at the big market but I wasn't prepared to buy seafood. I'll give them a shot next time I'm there.

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              As an update I bought some flounder from the seller at the regional market. Very good. $11.99/lb I think.

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                Another update. I tried the other seller at the regional market, called "Fish On" I believe. He sells whole head-on shrimp which is my preference. 16-20ct around $8.60/lb I think. They were great, very fresh. I would buy again.