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Jun 29, 2013 02:07 PM

ADIOS Samsung - Its FINALLY Gone!

We purchased a Samsung 26 cu ft french door refrigerator three years ago thinking it was the top of the line, according to what I read ahd heard from sources. Wow, were we wrong! Two years ago, just after the 1 year warranty expired, we heard a loud knocking noise coming from the cooling fan area. Turns out the defroster wasn't working properly and allowed the drain to clog. The resulting frost interfered with the fan blades making a loud noise. Then once that was worked on we dicovered the leak. Water would leak from the cooling fan area in the upper box to the bottom of the box, freeze to a sheet of ice and had stained the plastic with rust from the galvanized metal that is supposed to direct the water to the drip pan under the unit. After 10 to 12 service calls, the leak couldn't be stopped and A&E finally agreed to replace the unit under the terms of the master service agreement. We now have a new Whirlpool side-by-side 30 cu ft now in place. No more low quality Samsung. (Actually Samsung is aware of the problem and it is quite common with their french door units yet they turn a blind eye to the problem.)

Not long ago we were in the market for new cell phones. Given the problems with the refrigerator, we bought two iPhones and an iPad.

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  1. Keep your Apples in your new refrigerator. I hear they'll last longer ;-)

    1. Problems with one product line does not make SS an overall poor company. I've had a SS top-load washer that's been an incredible value and performer.

      That said, I generally advise people to stick to refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher manufacturers with a proven history because they are complicated appliances.

      1. OP, is this the Whirlpool model you bought? Model GSS30C6EYF -

        If so, are you happy with it? We're looking at it as well... but for the same price, we could get significantly more storage with a 26 cu ft side-by-side for the kitchen plus a top-freezer fridge in the basement.

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          The model we had delivered is GSS30C6EYW03. Not sure what the difference might be but the 30 cu ft Whirlpool takes up about the same floor space as the smaller Samsung.

          The only concern is the ice maker is a little slow but I can work through that. The interior storage space is very good and the lighting is far superior. Makes it easier for older eyes to locate things inside. Also, it runs quieter than the Samsung. The ice storage is in the door which leaves more room in the freezer. So far I am happy. The previous Whirlpool the Samsung replaced had been in duty for 18 years with no service calls or repairs. I should have stayed with Whirlpool!

          My problem with Samsung is because of their "I don't care" attitude about the leak. Numerous calls to Samsung and postings on an internet appliance forum produced not one iota of help of any sort. Their thelephone C/S is pitiful so when I decided to upgrade my phones, I voted with my wallet and purchased another brand.

          1. re: BoardSMITH

            Thanks, that's helpful to know. I am inclined to stick with Whirlpool based on past experience and their track record. Glad to hear the 30 cu ft model is working well!

        2. I had a Samsung French door for almost a year--developed a big swathe of ice on the back wall(inside) and when the repair guy took the inside back panel off there was a roughly 16" long crack in the housing. He put it back together and called it in as unrepairable.

          The problem was they wanted to give me only a credit at Lowe's towards any other fridge. But comparable models(by comparable I mean same arrangement of doors and similar size) were running $1000 more that I had paid for the Samsung(previous year's model, Labor Day appliance sales, etc.)

          It took nearly a year of wrangling with Lowe's and Samsung's "Executive" customer service before I got a check from Samsung for what I had paid. I had to mail them the plug cut off the cord to "prove" disposal of the fridge.

          I now have an LG, paid another couple/few hundred over the Samsung price but am VERY happy with it. I really like the ice maker being in the door, not taking up shelf space. I love the small pyramidal ice it produces.