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Jun 29, 2013 01:44 PM

Saratoga Racing Season Restaurant

Hi, coming up during racing season for our annual visit. Looking for a good restaurant suggestion, it seems lots of places have closed recently that I searched for. No specific requirements as far as food, prices up to $30 for entrees I would say. Going to Chianti one night, so maybe not Italian, but anything else works. Thanks.

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    1. We like One Caroline Street
      and Ravenous


      If in the mood for Asian, Sushi Thai Garden has this crispy duck dish that's not always on the menu... just ask for it

      Don't miss the BMW exhibit at the Auto Museum

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        Second Ravenous. Add Max Londons (brunch) and Mrs. Londons (almond croissants, French pastries) are other favorites. Had brunch at Mouzon House recently. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and food. Not sure how good it is for dinner.

        1. Some of the newer places you should check out are:
          -Javier's Nuevo Latino http://www.javiersny.com/
          -Druther's Brewing Company http://www.druthersbrewing.com/
          -The Merry Monk http://www.merrymonksaratoga.com/orde...
          -Mio Posto http://miopostosaratoga.com/

          I'm sure other sites will be suggested also.

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          1. re: Roger K

            Second Javier's (to be fair we've only been once) and Mio Posto. Saratoga National is in a similar price range.

            Had a good experience at The Merry Monk. My duck wings were delicious. Someone I know said her duck wings were great one time and not so another. I prefer The Merry Monk over Druther's. Druther's sometimes has live entertainment.

            Enjoy Boca Bistro (owned by DZ Restaurant Group).

            Hearing good things about The Brook Tavern but have not been yet.

            The ever popular Maestro's.

            Have not been back to The Wine Bar since chef change (that's awhile!).

            Today is Opening Day and I already have our list of where to eat outside of Toga ready.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Went back to The Merry Monk. Had a duck confit reuben. Very good. Like this place alot for a casual dinner .

              Just remembered Capriccio Saratoga is a nice casual dinner place. They have outdoor seating.

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                Glad to hear you continue to enjoy the Merry Monk. I'm looking forward to hearing comments about Jack Dillon's on South Broadway. The former Siro's chef/owner Tom Dillion now runs the old Joe Collins place. (Tom Dillon is also the father of the chef at the Merry Monk.)

                I'm down and out for awhile post surgery.

          2. I was at Hattie's two days ago for Sunday brunch and loved it. I have been going to Saratoga once a year for forever for Jazz Weekend and never miss Hatties for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This year I had the crab cakes with poached eggs for brunch and took an order of fried chicken to go and had it later at SPAC.