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Jun 29, 2013 12:25 PM

Food Worthy Cape Cod Spots with Music

I would like to start a thread featuring the best of Cape Cod's food scene that has music.

I noticed Pearl in Wellfleet has a great music session Saturdays, 3-5. Also Island Merchant has music most every night. I adore their fish tacos. Friends love their pulled pork. Of course Molly P is an amazing bartender and she also plays Wed. nights. Harvest Wine Bar has music nightly and I do love their mozzarella panini very well.

Please add your picks.


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  1. Thursday evening at Quicks Hole in Woods Hole, a jug band called "The Brothes Rye" play original and cover songs. Washboard solos, dog house bass backed up and the lead singer plays the kazoo ,banjo and guitar. Flip flop slapping sing along brings the two stepping to the clamshell driveway. Great local food. Sangria and beer to wash it all down. Check it out.

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      Wo, sounds like great fun for those in the Falmouth area. Getting to WH for me in the summer is unlikely but in the fall?

    2. Although I find it hit or miss, many like the Roadhouse in Hyannis. I think they do jazz on Mon. and piano the rest of the week. Always loved the back room though.

      1. Winslow's Tavern in Wellfleet. Great food and a nice variety of music on various nights. Sometimes rock, sometimes jazz.... For full disclosure, I need to say that my DH plays jazz there with his quartet a couple of times each summer....but I was going there for years before that!

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          No need to quibble. Both the food and music are very good

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            Just trying to keep my honesty hymen intact

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              Just had lunch at Cafe Boulangerie. I think they have music Wed. nights.