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Splenda Sugar Blend discontinued?

Anyone know what's happened to the Splenda Sugar Blend (half Splenda, half regular sugar)?

I haven't been able to find it in any local stores for the past several weeks, and on the manufacturer's website's online store page there's a not-available-at-this-time notice.

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  1. Would it be that difficult to make your own mixture?

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      The granulated Splenda doesn't taste the same, so when I've tried mixing it in with regular sugar as an alternative to using the branded Splena-sugar mixture, the taste was unacceptable. The granulated Splenda also has different physical properties. When mixed into liquids, it tends to rise to the top and make a lot of froth. I tried this a couple of years ago, and just gave up in disgust. I bought another package of the granulated Splenda a couple of weeks ago to give it another try; same results.

      I've also tried, as a cost-saving measure to use liquid sucralose, along with regular sugar, in beverages. The taste was never right. (A kind of chemical taste, with not enough sweetness. I ended up using a lot more regular sugar, defeating the purpose.)

      I've tried store-brand generic sucralose-sugar blends from at least one store (might have been two, don't remember for sure). Again, taste was unacceptable.

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        I never use granular Splenda because it's too high carb with highly glycemic bulking agents (I'm a diet controlled diabetic) in any quantity, so I use the liquid. Because I get a horrible mouth feel and after taste from Splenda in any form, I cut it half and half with granular xylitol, and I get perfect sweetening with none of the ill effects.

        That might be much more palatable for you. I buy sweetzfree online.

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          also, to my palate, adding a very tiny amount of stevia to the mix improves the overall taste.
          caveat: stevia, by itself, or as the major ingredient, tastes awful to me. it must be part of a mix of sweeteners.

          usually i mix xylitol, splenda, erythritol, and stevia.

          i'm not diabetic, though, so the erythritol may be too glycemic for you.

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            The erythritol is the lowest glycemic of all sugar alchohols tested, IIRC. But I only use it in dishes where the pronounced cooling effect won't ruin anything. BTDT.

            I often include it in things like berry or rhubarb cobbler. Just bought some tagatose, but I don't use sweeteners much, so I don't know when I'll get around to trying it.

            I know some folks use stevia without off taste effects, and blending is the only way i'd do that, too. Same as sucralose.

      2. What are you using it for? If it's in a liquid, could you instead substitute the Splenda sold in packets (see this chart http://www.splenda.com/cooking-baking...) rather than the "granulated" Splenda?

        I often make recipes that simply call for "sugar" for which I substitute granulated Splenda for half the sugar. May not taste exactly like the recipe made with 100% sugar but it's an acceptable compromise for the diabetics in my family.

        1. I'm having same problem where I live. I checked 4 stores and no one has it in stock.

          I talked to Splenda Customer Service this morning 7/2/13 and they say it's not being discontinued. She explained that demand has temporarily exceeded supply and they are working to restock stores. No ETA on when they expect to have it back out there but they do have a locator service to tell you where there could still be some around in your area. Call the Consumer Care center at 1-800-777-5363 Option 1 open Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM EST.

          Seems odd that they would have a complete shortage like this. I'm curious and would like to know if this is the true reason or the whole story. If anyone has a lead, please post it.

          Also, I think the blend is sugar infused with Splenda. I've tried to make my own but doesn't taste the same.

          Good luck!

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            Thanks for the info. I wonder whether they may have had a problem at their main manufacturing facility for this product.

            I have been seeing Splend-brown sugar blend in stores, but not Splenda-white sugar blend.

          2. Just a note: A single packet of Splenda sugar blend contains 10 calories (they claim zero because under 1 gm, they don't have to report the carbs, but use it by the cup and watch the carbs and calories add up).

            Xylitol is 40% lower calorie/carb than sugar, so mixing sweetzfree with it is a much better carb/calorie deal.

            Sugar Blend
            One variety of Splenda, called Splenda Sugar Blend, contains half sucrose, half sucralose. Sucrose specifically improves baking qualities such as texture, browning and moisture; qualities lacking in sucralose. Sucrose also provides calories. One packet, or one-half teaspoon of Splenda Blend contains 10 calories. However, the manufacturer asserts that to provide the same sweetness in baked goods, you only need to use half as much Splenda Blend compared to sugar.

            Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/263...

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              Although xylitol is less likely to cause gastric issues than some of the other sugar alcohols (in small quantities, that is) some people are more sensitive to it, so it's far from an ideal solution. However, using xylitol in larger quantities is likely to cause gastric issues in nearly everyone.

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                That's one drawback. In my family, we don't react with the exception of one time that I powdered it and used it for cream cheese frosting, a HUGE quantity. Cutting it 50/50 with sucralose makes it very tolerable, but those super sensitive to SAs may still react, it's true.

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                  Yeah, I've tried several sugar alcohols as alternatives. None of them come close to working as well, in terms of both taste and intestinal effects.

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                    xylitol tastes and bulks/moisturizes the way sugar does. but if it kills your gut, that's no help. :-)

                  2. re: ferret

                    OT, but
                    xylitol is extremely poisonous to dogs (dunno about other pets)
                    so, if you use this stuff, and you have dogs as pets or as visitors, it is critical that it is kept out of reach.

                2. Splenda is extremely toxic to humans. You're much better off eating white sugar (of course there are much healthier options than refined sugar as it is). I'm assuming you're using it to lose/maintain weight, in which case I'll tell you this: Splenda will actually cause you to gain more weight as opposed to consuming an equivalent amount of white sugar.

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                    Look, YOU may believe it's the worst product ever developed, but this is nonsense.

                  2. I did the obvious. I, too, have looked all over for the Splenda/sugar blend. So, I made my own. A shortage? That seems highly unlikely. But, why would they take it off the shelves? Has there been a problem. It should be addressed on the website if it is coming back and when it is expected to be on the shelves.

                    1. I did call the manufacturer's support line, as suggested here.
                      The representative, friendly as she was, wasn't much help. She offered the names of several stores in the area, none of which have had it in stock. The only explanation she could offer for the shortage was that 'the product has been so popular,' which sounds ridiculous when you consider how long this has been going on now.

                      I've noticed for the past several weeks that the stores where I used to be able to buy it don't even have the tags on the shelves for it any longer, so they seem to have discontinued carrying it entirely (although they do still carry the Splenda mixed with brown sugar).

                      1. I think I may have figured out part of what's going on. Equal brand has now come out with their own version of sucralose, and their product is taking up some of the shelf space. So, apart from whatever other issues there may be on the Splenda manufacturer's end, maybe stores have decided there just isn't enough demand to justify that much shelf space for sucralose products, leading to a decision to cull Splenda Sugar Blend.

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                          Maybe that plus folks are getting wiser to how little the carb reduction is in granular sucralose.

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                            This makes a lot of sense. Even though I cook reduced sugar recipes to accommodate the needs of the diabetics in my family, I've never bought the Splenda Sugar blend. As mentioned upthread, if I want a 50-50 mixture of Splenda and sugar, I just create it myself, substituting granulated Splenda for 1/2 of the sugar called for in the recipe. I gather from the OP that this doesn't work in all recipes but, for my limited purposes, it generally does. My point is that the demand for the blend is probably pretty low compared to the demand for the pure sucralose product.

                          2. Having the same problem and getting extremely frustrated. I used to only find it at our local 'Winco Foods' store, but even they don't carry it anymore. I tried the Stevia/Sugar Blend and it's gross.

                            1. If you check splenda's website. It has been discontinued :(
                              I called & they stated the same thing.

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                                I think the website (store section) still says it is 'not available at this time' as opposed to discontinued.

                              2. I have actually had luck and found some at the Safeway in Sonora/CA! I bought all they had on the shelf!

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                                1. I just bought a package of the brown sugar blend. I hope they don't discontinue that too.

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                                    Diabetisweet brown (online if your store doesn't have it) tastes MUCH better to me, so at least there's an alternative out there, for those who can tolerate sugar alcohols.

                                  2. It's back in one of my local stores now.

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                                      I wonder if you noticed a big change in the texture of the blend when you were able to start getting it again? Looks and feels a lot more like just plain old Splenda --no sugar added.

                                    2. I called the customer service line to find out why
                                      I cannot find Splenda for Baking in any stores in my area and they found some Walmart's for me to check out which appear to have a supply. My husband is a juvenile diabetic and this product is the best thing that has come along for him. He is enjoying sweets, in moderation, that previously he only dreamed about and I am going to be very unhappy if I cannot get this...

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                                        If you end up without, try granular xylitol mixed 50/50 with liquid sweetzfree. Xylitol behaves much more like real sugar moisture and bulk wise. The liquid sucralose is zero carb, unlike Splenda granular, and lowers the total carbs as a result.