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Cooking an Iberico Pork "Segreto"

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Hi Hounds - a friend gave me a "segreto" of iberian pork (uncured fresh(frozen) meat). I'm looking for suggestions on how to cook it to unlock its porky deliciousness. It is about 1 lb and flatter than a tenderloin with some fat marbling.

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  1. I believe you are referring to secreto (secret) Ibérico. I first tried this cut at the restaurant, é, and it was spectacular. I haven't had a chance to cook it myself, but stumbled across this website for when I do. http://chicaandaluza.wordpress.com/20...

    Let us know what you end up doing and how it turns out.

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      Ha! You are right about the spelling. Just got back from italy so my brain must be thinking in Italian. That's the one - and I am inclined to do exactly what chicaandalusia says and fire up the weber with just a little salt and pepper.