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Jun 29, 2013 09:53 AM

Joe Fish in North Reading!

I am not down in the Reading/North Reading area as much as I used to be..but this morning while driving down Rte. 28..I was surprised to see that a Joe Fish was standing where Picadilly Pub once stood..out in front of the Walmart plaza. This is exciting..and a definite improvement over Picadilly Pub.

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  1. I used to like Picadilly's lobster roll way back when. Joe Fish will be a nice addition.

    1. Have only been for lunch- great prices at lunch. Believe it or not, the Pub had great burgers - and loved their spinach/avocado dip. I asked about their burgers, and the bartender told me they never used frozen meat in the burgers.

      1. Not sure exactly when it opened, but it was already open when we moved to North Reading in late December.

        1. Stopped by today and tried their Fish and Chips for lunch. Fresh fish, nice coated fries, slightly soupy slaw but tasted nice. Nice lunch for $8.99. I got seated in the bar without being asked and this place is LOUD! The noise from the dining room was deafening even in the bar.


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            Was only there for lunch on a Saturday ( in the bar), and didn't notice the noise- dining room must have been quiet. I like that you can get a fish sandwich that is not fried.

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              The next time you are in North Reading and want fish and chips, be sure to try Lobster Claw, also on Main Street. We like it much better for fried seafood.

              1. re: maestrette

                Havent been to Joe Fish yet, but I have been trying to get people here to go to Lobster Claw for a while! Our favorite for fried seafood, onion rings and chowder and great portions, service and prices..Editing this to add that I just saw Ferraris pic and I think the basket at Lobster Claw probably has twice the fish and the plate probably 3x more.The fries are similar coated fries and the slaw is more chunky with less slop on it and the tarter I am sure is much better with a nice oniony taste. Defiitely add the onion rings If you go to LobClaw.. Best ever..2 bucks to add on a big pile..7.95 for fish and chips basket and 9.99 for platter.. I will still try JF for the broiled lunches at some point.

                1. re: chompie

                  haven't been to the Lobster Claw for a while. They used to have the best crab salad- it was just shredded crabmeat with a bit of mayo. So good. this was when they were just a small, take out place. Used to work nearby, and a crabmeat sandwich with fries and onions rings was on our list of places for lunch . We also liked the cheese steak subs at the hornets Nest sub shop, and the pizza from Mario's. Have to visit these places again and see if they are still good- haven't been in 15+ years!